Something Cool

Tickets for Tots!

Okay… as much as we blast the foulness that causes us to say “Why O’ Why?”, I’ll not deny the positivity that is occasionally happening in our world.  It is with great enthusiasm that we share this one very cool thing that has come to our attention thanks to SunnyC!  (Good lookin’ out lady!).

Every year, a North Texas police department is flooded with letters and calls from families who cannot afford to have a Christmas for their children.  And officers come to the rescue by issuing traffic tickets with a nice twist…  click here: Tickets for Tots… for the video.  SOURCE: CBS 11 News, Dallas, Texas.

I’m so glad that there are still a few officers out there who are not only upholding the law, but enlist themselves to spreading a little good and joy for others, especially during this very tough time in most of our lives.  So… KUDOS Officer James Crippen of N. Dallas, Texas!

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