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Obama takes the (placebo) shot for the cameras!!

This is pure comedy to me!  He needs to learn the art of propaganda from his predecessor!  Too little, too late buddy.  I guess there were a lot more people than thought who didn’t swallow that Kool-Aid!  Thank you, Lord!  According to Reuters, as of the middle of November, about 32 percent of all U.S. adults and 37 percent of adults who are recommended to get a flu shot against seasonal flu had gotten one.  Way to go for the rest of us who did not believe the hype!

2 thoughts on “Obama takes the (placebo) shot for the cameras!!

  1. Nah homey….not the kid either. T’ain’t no way I’m letting the gub’ment shoot me up with some untested isht!!! LOL THey got me as a kid with the immunizations but that’s where I draw the line!!! LOL

    • THANK GOD! Can you say “Tuskegee Experiment”?! Media says; “It’s a pandemic”. Obama says; “It is crisis but don’t panic, we encourage everyone to get their shots (voluntarily)”. BUT… approximately 2 months later he does the photo Op for the shot?! PURE FREAKIN’ COMEDY! I’m just relieved that the people who didn’t believe this bullshit are a majority and NOT the minority. Have you noticed that the reporting of “swine flu” has gone way down since shortly after Fall began? Wait… can you smell that? It’s a big hot steaming pot of BULLSHIT!!!! LOL!

      P.S. I’m biting off of your phrase; “gub’ment”… HAHAHA, LOL! That’s funny!

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