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Mayor rips EMTs who refused to help dying pregnant mother!

Eutisha Revee – Rest In Peace

Bloomberg should have stepped in on this one!  Here’s the original story: EMT’s on break let’s pregnant woman die!

A furious Mayor Bloomberg yesterday blasted two EMTs who allegedly refused to help a dying, pregnant mom because they were on break at a Brooklyn coffee shop.  You know what?  Click here for the rest of the update: Mayor Rips EMT’s

It’s an absolute outrage to think that these two EMT’s felt there was nothing they could do because they were on a “meal break” rather than to put their bagels down and save this person’s life!  It clearly appears that race played a factor in this, but I’m more focused on public servants failing time and time again to serve the public!  They still work for us (the PUBLIC) PERIOD!  Isn’t it our tax dollars (state and federal) that pay they salaries?

A message to Bloomberg, you’d better take swift action on this and fire these two (not to exclude jail time because this could be consider manslaughter if not MURDER), put a Bill in place to send a strong message so that this sort of inaction by our public servants will NEVER be tolerated again!

As quoted from the NY Post article: The two EMTs — identified for The Post as Melisa Jackson and Jason Green — were buying bagels in the Au Bon Pain at the Metrotech Center in Downtown Brooklyn on Dec. 9 when Rennix collapsed there — and they allegedly ignored her.  Their cold advice: “Call 911,” the witnesses said.  WTF?!!!  I love NYC, but if they don’t correct this with a quickness, that city will NEVER get my tourist dollars again!!  I suggest every potential tourist do the same!  This is just awful!  I really can’t find words strong enough to express my disdain!!!!

To Melisa Jackson and Jason Green– you get the year end “FUCK YOU AWARD”, you punks!!!!  I will be looking for your mugshots to post too so the world will not only know your names, but your faces as well!!!!  Both of you and your parents are real assholes!  Yep, I’m calling out your parents too because they raised your racist asses!!!

6 thoughts on “Mayor rips EMTs who refused to help dying pregnant mother!

  1. This IS OUTRAGEOUS! I can sense your “fury” (“YOY”). I pray that Mayor Bloomberg moves quickly to resolve this tragic event! I hope you guys will find/show Melisa and Jason’s photo because the public at large should be aware of who they are. I am a white man and I am embarrassed that racism still exists at all or even to this scale! I feel that pregnant women especially should be at the top of any EMT’s priorities.

    I think your “award” was a bit harsh, but I do understand your warranted frustration and anger. My parents were racists (even though they didn’t realize it for a long time), but it never influenced me. I’m glad that they have changed since that time in our lives. Just saying an FYI.

    Rest in peace dear Eutisha.

    • “I think your “award” was a bit harsh, but I do understand your warranted frustration and anger.” Well, as much as I appreciate that and understand your heart felt empathy, I doubt that any white person will fully understand what it is to be Black in america. I can agree to disagree with the harshness of the “award”, but I do stand by it. No one has a reason to HATE Black people as they do, other than that is what they have been taught by either their parents or family members. It’s a generational thing that unfortunately won’t die soon.

      I read that article a few times before posting it and like I mentioned, race obviously played a role into their lack of response. Yes, I’m very angered by it because their are so many more important things that we all should be focused on, but the everyday experience of being Black is simply exhausting therefore, I found no need to “sugar coat” my emotions on this. I am in agreement with you when you say that pregnant women should be at the top of their list when assigned to aid HUMANITY. This woman may not have died had it not been for their prejudice. Hopefully my frankness will not shy you away from visiting again either because I AM NOT A RACIST! I look at EVERY single person as human first, but when clear and obvious racism is present, I will not hold back my emotional response to it.

      I too hope Eutisha will rest in peace and her unborn child who did not survive.

  2. In a sense, I think this goes beyond racism into just not having any kind of empathy for another human being. They’re two sociopaths on the City’s payroll, and I sincerely hope that they at least get charged with Negligent Homicide. Ugh. What are the odds of two sociopaths working as partners, I wonder?

    • Oh my gosh! I’m thinking the same thing!!! What ARE THE ODDS?! I never usually pull “the race card”, but this had to have something to do with race! (?) Seems real obvious to me based on what’s being reported so far. It’s just sickening that not one but two “people” could be so cold and uncaring! Too young to die and a child didn’t get a chance at life over a BAGEL! I almost feel like I want to retract my statements about the racism thing because it’s not the main focus, but something just wouldn’t allow me to stop typing at that point.

      Man, this casts a really negative shadow on one of my most favorite cities! I really hope Bloomberg gets the right correction in order immediately because, WOW! I’m so upset by this report, I can’t even sleep.

      • Good choice re: Turn, Turn, Turn cuz, WHEW!!! I really need to breath after this. And to be honest, I get that public service gigs does burn a person out, but isn’t that a profession they chose? I mean, shouldn’t you be mentally prepared before making that choice? I don’t know.. it’s just like choosing to become a cop or fireman… one should expect to hit a valley at some point in their career in those professions is all I’m saying. Maybe one thing all of those jobs could offer their employees is some sort of vehicle for when it does come to that point. Seems to me, it is inevitable that you will “hit a wall” so why not have an outlet in place to “replenish”? Hey… just a thought that came to mind.

  3. Thing is as a once State civil servant for that city, I’ve seen a lot of cold-blooded bastards like that. They’re not the norm, but they do give the others an unjust bad rep. There are others that fall into the category of burn out. How bad is it? Let’s just say I only lasted 18 months in that job. But these two are just in a whole different category.

    Listening: Turn, Turn, Turn by The Birds.

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