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Wow! Just Wow!!!

Okay… this is a double-whammy!  On one hand it’s a pretty scary thing to know how advanced our teenage girls really are.  And on the other, if you’re planning to rat on your sibling for anything, make sure they don’t have dirt on you!  My girlfriend (who has a daughter that’s recently turned 13) got a shocker when she ran across this tidbit in her daughters email.  (I personally think kids should not be allowed on the internet until they are 17 and damn near 18)!  She’s had the “pre-sex talk” (that’s what she calls the “where do babies come from” chat) but now that she’s got a teen on her hands she realizes it’s time for “THE” talk.   Bless her heart, she was actually on her second bottle of wine when she called to tell me about this!  Of course I had her email it to me… and boy oh boy is this little girl hot!  I’ve always said that boys are the only way to go because these little girls today are more sexually advanced than you’d really be able to rap your head around.  Anyway… peep what she refers to as her “Hook Up List”…

Note: This is NOT my friend’s daughter by the way.  Also, click on the letter to enlarge.

8 thoughts on “Wow! Just Wow!!!

  1. “Ladies and gentlemen… my sister’s a whore.”
    This isn’t supposed to be funny –it’s tragic, even– but, damn(!) if that kid didn’t get even, and it cracked me up! I think it’s fantastic that all her tomfoolery came to light! What is wrong with these girls today? That boy shouldn’t be drinking either! That boy should really take care of his liver, too. I know too many folks that started drinking early and ended up dead in their twenties.

    Listening: So Real by Jeff Buckley (Love that dead bastard!)

    • Hi there! Yes, “Ladies and gentlemen… my sister’s a whore” That was absolutely priceless! lol!! He exacted his revenge well. I actually forgot to mention that he (the brother) is still a minor and stashing beer in his room too— well, it’s really BONKERS to think that our kids are growing up SOOO fast (whether a boy OR a girl). But wow for his teenage sister!!! Her behavior happened to be the main focus for the post because of my girlfriend realizing that she COULD be a grandmother way before appropriate! Scary shit indeed cuz man… things are simply not the SAME as they were when I was a young girl.

      Listening to: my heart beat so damn fast because our children are growing up too quickly! (hahaha!) Okay, that was an inside joke for you Wilfredo!! LOL! What I am listening to is El Estuche… can you possibly help to interpret because I really like the beat of that tune? You’re cool diverse taste in music leads me to think that you may speak fluent Spanish..

  2. “You’re cool diverse taste in music leads me to think that you may speak fluent Spanish..”

    Haha! Not according to some of the people who surround me here in El Salvador. I am imitated all the time by so many folks here because of my cadence of speech and the timbre of my voice. I choose to find that funny, ’cause I sound pretty cool in a most unorthodox way.

    Yes, it’s no urban legend when I tell you that I have seen three generations of women that are 15, 30 & 45, I was working with a politician when I interviewed them and I stupidly pointed out to them their age differences. Not a shining moment for me. smh

    Hey, Jazz, I’ll see if I can translate El Estuche (The Case) for you. Not my strong suit translating. But I’ll leave it on the Dirty Dancing post.
    Listening:Gadje Sirba by A Hawk and A Hacksaw (Modern Balkan music)

    • You are awesome!!! Thank you so much! I finally understand the song. And I’m sure you just fine in El Salvador (I think you’re being modest).

      Listening: El Estuche again because now I get it! hahahaha!! You rock, man!

  3. This is awful! I cannot believe her sexual escapades! As a parent, I do support my children 100%, but, I am not niave to outside influences (peer pressure) either. Their parents should take the same approach that I did with my kids— I showed them a pathology book that had pictures of what STD’s look like! They could be fooling me, but both maintain that they are still virgins. I continue “the sex talk” with them regularly. My daughter is 14 and my son is 16 almost 17. I feel too young to be a grandmother now! If they ARE lying to me about their sexual status, like I told them, that’s on them because they actually know more than the average kid about STD’s. I don’t think they will remain virgins until marriage, although I am hopeful that they will decide to do that, but they do understand the concept of consequences.

    I’ve got to agree with Wilfredo, it’s funny (but not) how her brother exacted his revenge. “Ladies and gentlemen, my sister is a whore”… that’s priceless!!! Good post!

    • Hey that is smart, show them what an STD actually looks like… that’ll either slow them down or encourage them to always use a condom at the very least. I just can’t get over how aggressive our girls are now. And I’ve gotta’ give the guy credit for his final statement… I’m sure his sister will think twice before she rats on him again! Hahaha!

    • hahahaha! I know! Soooo not the days of “yester year”! Back in MY day, there were only a few girls that were “wild and loose”. Now it seems that every other kid out there has more sexual experience than I DO! Very, very scary…

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