Some “X-Files” happenings? Could it be real?

I’m not one to believe “the hype”… that should be known by now.  Shiiit… I’m a pain in my own butt because my inquisitive nature keeps me in research-mode.  But when I received this clip… well… if it is some sort of hoax, it was pretty well done.  The first thing I noticed was that there were no “towers” (nothing with significant height) around to “string-up” anything.  And if you look really close, as the person swings the camera around, there is clearly something moving toward him, which stops (as if it notices it’s been spotted), changes its stance and then…

Hey, don’t watch this at night because it is pretty creepy…

So here’s a question for you ALL… do you believe that humans are the only life in this vast universe?  Just curious…

6 thoughts on “Some “X-Files” happenings? Could it be real?

  1. Hahaha! It was a good hoax! I don’t believe we are the only living planet in the whole universe, but I think the beings would be radically different than us, or even an amoeba.

    Listening: Rebellion by Arcade Fire (not really a fan, but QQ feels strongly about this band, so it’s worthy another listen.)

    • Amoeba? Really? So do you think that what happened in Roswell, NM back in the late 40’s didn’t really happen? I’m still undecided but I agree that the universe is far to big for us to be completely alone. I do remember another more recent incident that took place in four different counties in Illinois back in 2000 and 4 of the 6 witnesses where policemen. If it was a hoax, it was well done IMHO. I NEVER want to encounter one that’s for damn sure!!!

  2. I personally don’t think that humans are the only life in the universe. If there is true evidence I wish it would be made known. Not too sure if this video is a hoax or not but it is creepy to me. Also, unless this was the guys property, why in the hell would anyone be out in the dark alone? It wouldn’t be me that’s for sure!

    • “Also, unless this was the guys property, why in the hell would anyone be out in the dark alone? It wouldn’t be me that’s for sure!” I second that emotion!! And now that I think about it, maybe it was his property… there’s definitely nothing else around…

  3. Interesting video. Question, are you guys at Why O’ Why’ Black? No offense, but this is not a normal topic for Black folks. I am a Black woman by the way.

    I actually do think aliens exists although I have never had a “close encounter” (thank goodness). I agree, the video is very creepy. I’ve got all my lights on now hahahaha! I made the mistake of looking at this after sundown LOL.

    • Hahaha! Yes, I’m Black… some of the contributors vary though… try to keep it diverse in my life in general. And hey— I did warn people not to check it out at night! HAHAHA!!!

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