Feel Good Friday (FGF) / Music

A musical treat…

I heard a reminder of a very cool song’s beat (and language) this evening (there is no video, only audio and it is a great recording from YouTube)!!!!

I realize we have not posted our musical selections for a while.  For the record, the musical postings may only happen from time to time.   BUT… I had to post this one!  I originally heard this while overseas and it did bring back some “smokin’ “cool memories.  Tis’ the season for that sort of thing, isn’t it?!!!   So do ENJOY!

BTW… if there is anyone out there who can fully translate this jam, be sure to let me know.  Who knows… it could be singing about the love of a CAMEL that is mixed with a COW for all I know!!! hahahaha!  (Just joking of course)!! hahaha!

P.S. I do get the gist, but my Spanish IS rusty.  Wilfredo… where are you, man?!!!

3 thoughts on “A musical treat…

  1. Hah! That was easy as hell, and it made me look good too!


    Sorry about not getting back to you on this before, but my mind shuts when it comes to Dirty Dancing 2. It takes place in Havana, but there always has to be an Anglo involved! (Walk it off, Wolf). Anyway, sorry about that.
    Okay, about the group Aterciopelados (the name is a conjunction Aterciopelo means velvet, the clothe not the color; and pelado means a couple of things: broke, as in no money or, um, fucked, as in, “they are fucked.” So it’s probably the Velvet Fucked) are from Columbia, and they’ve been around since the early nineties. They are mostly a Latin Pop Rock group led by the vocalist, Andrea, I forget her last name. For my taste, I’ve only liked a couple of their tunes.
    I do hope that I was helpful, as late as I was getting back to you.
    Listening:Storm by Godspeed You Black Emperor (Instrumental rock, meh. I gave them a shot. I feel like listening to anything else now)

    • I didn’t know it was from the soundtrack until i looked for it on youtube. I just remembered her the song in a club overseas and people were really grooving to it. Now I’ve gotta check the group out in full. I really like Andrea’s voice on that cut. This is soooo coool of you to hook a sister up! Sorry for the delay, had some unexpected things come up this weekend. Hope you had a fantastic weekend too!

  2. One more thing, I did check the translation and it’s slightly stilted, but pretty accurate; much better than I would’ve done, I think.
    Have you ever checked out Cafe Tacuba from Mexico. They came out more or less at the same time as Aterciopelados. They have been consistently good, except for the last couple of albums, alas.
    Listening: Forget Her by Jeff Buckley (It’s one of my comfort zone song. I like to say, a lot, that it’s the most gut wrenching song to ever come out of a white boy.)

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