Tiger Woods

I hadn’t really cared to weigh on this subject because everyone else has gone into overtime covering his infidelities.  But one thing I do want to ask is why are all of these “chicks” coming out to tell the world that they are home-wrecking hoes?  (He is a public figure, isnt’ he?)  One of these ho’s actually had the nerve to be jealous when she found out there were others?!  Really?!  And yet another believed Tiger (“the pimp”) Woods when he said his marriage and kids are for the public and not real?  Again?  Really?!  Man, sometimes I am so embarrassed to be a woman in the age of hoe-ism.

And to Tiger, I don’t have a problem with interracial dating (I’ve dated outside my race too), but, you’ve have got to learn the term “marry up”.  Your wife was a nanny, you’ve got a couple of “cock”(tail) waitresses, a party girl, a porn star and a fukin’ “partridge in a pear tree”!  A bit of advice… you should have remained single for a while and sown your wild oats.

I know some women who made their first million at 27 years old, own a bunch of property, vacation where ever and how ever they want every year.  You mean to tell me you could find at least one of them?  You know what that says to me?  You’re only looking for ho’s!  You’re selfish in that endeavor because you simply could have put marriage and children off for a time.  You’re not looking or ready for your intellectual or financial equal at all!  I sure hope all of those “slobby knobs” was worth it, buddy!  This fuck up of yours won’t go away anytime soon.  Mainstream media won’t let it!  This is the one and only time I’ll weigh in too.  You’re focused on the course but weak as a man (temptation or not), you’ve got kids [and a daughter if I’m not mistaken] to consider your actions.  Fuck being a role model for the world (for a moment), what about your daughter who’s going to grow up and possibly be a victim to the same shit you’ve done to your wife?  SMH AND WTF were you really thinking? Punk move and poor taste.

6 thoughts on “Tiger Woods

  1. Interesting take. I can’t say I don’t agree on some points. You picked the right pic for your assessments though. hahaha!!! Tugs at the heart strings and make the sluts/home crashers look just like they are, “home-wrecking ho’s”!! haha lol. I am really starting to like this blog for real! LOL!

    One question. Was he really a “pimp”? hahaha! If some women are easy, why blame him is all I’m saying. And that whole “partridge in a pear tree” thing! What where YOU drinking to come up with THAT???!!! Very funny Why O’ Why!!!!!! LOL!

    • Hahaha! Hi Rex… no, not drinking it just sort of came out. “If some women are easy, why blame him”, he’s the one who made a commitment to someone. I’d say that whether it was a husband or wife who was the cheater. Temptation is always going to be out there, but I happen to think that when you make the decision to get married, that should be honored. I mean really, why get married if you’re not ready to commit to it? The latest thing I’ve heard about this mess is one of the hoes claims he didn’t want to use a condom! Tiger is a tool! Like I mentioned before, when his daughter grows up and is on the receiving end of this, he’ll understand what he put his wife through. Or better yet, how would he feel if his wife was out there with 9-10 men?

  2. Tiger’s little house of cards is going up in FLAMES!!! Serves him right too. I agree, he shouldn’t have gotten married and just boned the random hoes at will. At it doesn’t bother me that he dated, married, and cheated with melanin deficient women b/c THAT is soooo besides the point. Regardless of the women’s race it doesn’t erase the fact that he’s put his WIFE at risk healthwise and set a horrible horrible example for his children, his daughter in particular.

    • I’m so with you on all points! I had to highlight the interracial thing, because some bloggers were making that an issue (for some reason). And him selfishly putting his wife at risk is just chicken shit! It still amazes me that people don’t take STD’s more seriously. He’s so on my shit list!

  3. Forget Tiger Woods and his poor taste in women! I don’t feel sorry for this guy at all. He had the world in the palm of his hands but he blew it all over his choices for trampy ass home-wreckers?!

    I understand why some Black women, blogs (and maybe even some Black and White men) may be making interracial marriages and dating an issue, but that does not apply here. This guy is a first class jerk plain and simple. I was not going to make a comment on this topic that is so heavily saturated on the internet and news, but I actually do like this blog and at least you guys did focus on the sluts who are making themselves available to break up “happy homes”! One transgression is one thing, but 13+ and still counting the number of women coming forth… again forget Tiger Woods! He should never resurface again because he makes marriage and wealth seem like a bad combination for mature men who DO honor their vows!

    • “at least you guys did focus on the sluts who are making themselves available to break up “happy homes”!” It was hard not to notice from where I sit. I will never wrap my mind around why women will pursue someone’s husband. If he cheated on his wife, what in the world makes the women think he wouldn’t cheat on them? The square root of dumb! Do you honestly think that there are wealthy men who can keep their vows? I’m not too sure anymore… I actually only know of one personally, but he and his wife built their wealth together and so far their 18 year marriage is still fresh. But that’s just one couple who appears to have it right.

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