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Harlem Children’s Zone

I watched this on 60 minutes last night.  I’m really glad to see something positive taking place with our children and one man’s vision and commitment to make a major impact.  I’ll let the videos speak for themselves.

Way to go Mr. Geoffrey Canada for showing what true leadership is all about!

4 thoughts on “Harlem Children’s Zone

  1. I didn’t see this on Sunday but thank you for posting it! Wow! How cool is this guy and his efforts? I’ll lend my dollars to his vision easily. I mean, I’d be less than a man not to. Again, thanks for posting this. I’m going to contact 60 Minutes right now to find out how to make MY contribution.

    Wasn’t completely sure at first, but now I think I do like this blog!!!!! Keep doing what you’re doing (raw and all)!!!!!

    the Rex and only, ya’ll!

    • Yeah, Mr. Canada is the BOMB! What I liked about his story the most (aside from what he’s accomplished) is that he grew up the same way most of the kids in his program are growing up, but somehow, he allowed what’s right to take over instead of succumbing to those outer influences. I happen to think that each kid out there has the same ability. And thanks for the KUDOS! 😉

  2. Thought I’d check back to look at some other articles here and I didn’t get too far when I ran across and downloaded this video. This is truly exciting and a very cool post. Thank you for sharing (yoy).

    To Mr. Canada: thank you for your commitment! I am seeking your website to make a donation for all that you’ve done so far. Your sacrifices are exceptional. Please keep up the good works because YOU ARE A TRUE LEADER!! Thank you again Mr. Canada for what you are doing. We need many more like you!!!!!

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