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Old (maybe)… but still so GRAND!

While overseas, I received an email that showed an incredible reunion.  As we approach the holiday season and those “warm and fuzzy feelings” that are associated with this time of year, I couldn’t help but remember this clip so I’m posting it.  This is such a cool clip between “man and beast” (animal).  The lion’s name is Christian, his owners are from Australia but lived in London and they were separated after a year.  Now… not to boast, but I have visited London and some still talk about this very cool reunion!

The owners had to make the decision to release Christian back to the wilds of Africa.  Christian’s love for his past owners even invited his lionesses to embrace them as well.  If anyone knows anything about lions and their lioness, the females of the group are the hunters and killers.  But these “lady killers” never attacked.  This is a clip of their (Christian and his owners) reunion (no audio included).  It’s so very cool to me.  I figure, if “man and beast” can love each other so unforgettably and so lovingly, why can’t us humans do the same for each other?!  Hell… just watch.  I’m just a sucka’ for true love!  Damn proud of it too!! 🙂 This proves that animals do have feelings and memories… that’s for sure!

NARRATIVE: Christian sees his previous owners and unsure who they are at first until they call his name… the embrace is really very incredible!  Enjoy!!!!


15 thoughts on “Old (maybe)… but still so GRAND!

  1. This was very cool! I remember this too so thanks for the reminder. I guess I’ll bookmark this site now. Again, this was very cool so thanks!!!!

  2. Wow, talk about something else that moves me! Steely Dan is the shit! Truly! They were on tour when I was in NY in July, where they would perform albums in a whole concert. Too bad I didn’t go, but they are up there in my favorite group list.

    Listening: I’ll Remember April by Max Roach & Clifford Brown.

    • Aww yes, that was a cool azz group! Too bad you didn’t check them out… that would have been a good time for sure! I just listened to Eugene… very nice choice man!

      Listening: Peg by Steely Dan

  3. I was wondering about that, thanks! There’s a darkness to Eugene, don’t you think?
    BTW, my favorite Steely Dan songs: Dr. Wu, Dirty Work, Bodhisatva… let me stop!

    Listening: Anthenagin by Art Blakey (Damn!)

    • Yes, slightly (re: Eugene)… but because I played the violin, I like how they “put it down”. BTW… how are your uhm… “allergies”?! You know that lion got to you! LOL!

      Listening: checking out your suggestion..

    • hehehe and oops! Hey, I like that you were touched by the story is all!!! Just listened to your recommendation… uhm… I have to say undecided right now. Need to listen to it again. For some reason that song made me want to hear Dizzy Gillespie’s “Night in Tunsia” though.

      Listening: to me prepping dinner and Aretha Franklin’s greatest hits (smiles)

  4. Steely Dan?!!!! My favorite LP is “Aja”…Get your big black cow and get out of here….

    I love that my dad was a music freak and exposed me to some great music as a kid!!!

  5. Choc, I remember when I first heard Aja, they were announcing the LP on TV. The sensuality of the music kinda gave me a funny feeling inside. Pleasant, but sad because I had no idea what to do with that feeling. Being a tweener kinda sucks.

    Listening: April Fool by Eric Dolphy. In a jazz mood all day!

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