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Is Dana Perino smoking crack?!

For some reason, this woman’s account of history seems to be muddled by what appears to be a “new form of crack” some people are smoking.  Listen to the approximate :30 mark carefully… there is no mistaking what she said.  And isn’t she being considered for a position under the current administration?  She also worked under the previous administration too.  WOW!!!  Disgraceful.

Does she really mean to say that 9/11 happened under the Obama administration?!  I hope everyone who sees this posting does notice that Hannity nor his guest ever corrected her… this is a travesty of words that references that awful day.  I hope everyone realizes that there was no more mention thus far of this by MSM [Main Stream Media] after this aired.  If she has been corrected on her “miss-spoken” words– I’d like to see it.  So far, nothing has been issued to correct her clear statement. 9/11 didn’t happen under the Bush administration?!  Really?  All I can say is… where the F*CK was I during the Bush administration?!!  SMDH!!!!  She was making a reference to Fort Hood in this clip, for goodness sakes!  AGAIN… I AM SMDH!!!!!

8 thoughts on “Is Dana Perino smoking crack?!

  1. Actually, what’s disgraceful is all the bootlicking that the Obama Administration is doing at the GOP, and that they want to pick this woman who didn’t even know what the Cuban Missile Crisis was about (to boot). It really is maddening that Obama can’t see that these rightwing scumbags will never, ever respect him, and Pres. Obama shoud really just move on! It’s baffling!

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    • Yes INDEED! I do remember that she “missed the boat” on the Cuban Missile Crisis! Yeah to you for being aware of that! Wow! For a short period, I thought I was alone in my research on THAT freakin’ subject! Now… let me clear up the baffling part for ya’…

      did you know that there’s a clearance level that all Presidents must go through? I’m pretty sure you did. But… check this crazy shit out… there are at least 27 more levels for even our President to go through!!!! Now… if I told you how know that… well… that might be the end of the blog here. All Presidents are “puppets” on strings. The last President who attempted to penetrate those barriers didn’t live to tell the truth… can you guess who that was? Totally rhetorical so don’t answer that…. just some food for thought!

  2. It sure looks that way, doesn’t it? There has to be something behind that, because no matter how radical the presidential candidate may seem, they always end up jumping through the same hoops.
    As far as your question goes, I want to say Carter, but I will go with Kennedy instead.

    Listening: It’s Ecstasy… by Barry White (of course)

    • You’re right… there really is something behind it. And it was Kennedy (unfortunately).

      And Barry White! hahaha, hadn’t thought about him in years!

  3. “And Barry White! hahaha, hadn’t thought about him in years!”

    LOL, don’t lie!

    Listening: You Better Bet by The Who.

    • Hahaha! It’s true… Chris Tucker ruined that for me. LOL! I forget the name of the movie but his version of “My Everything” just makes me chuckle when I think of Barry now.

      Listening: Video by India Arie

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