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Embarressing moments during the holidays… check this out (LOL)

I sure hope everyone enjoyed their holiday!  As predicted, I did enjoy mine!  Was invited by my cool ass neighbors to go out of town, accepted and feasted like it was “the end of days” (the food was SOOOO good) and I indulged in plenty of libations!  It was a cool start to a long holiday weekend.  As we were preparing to go out one night, everyone took turns changing into the appropriate attire for the evening.  When I went back to the bathroom (to take a pee before we all hit the road), I stumbled onto the funniest thing (I mean… really funny– at least to me)!  haha…

One of the single guys there went off to change his clothes.  WAIT… before I continue, I must tell this part… he’d snagged one of the single “hotties” there.  I’ll concur that she was very pretty. I was kickin’ it with this guy earlier in the evening and he pointed out the “object” of his affections but he was a little shy about it.   (He and I instantly connected– he was like a relative or something…. we just connected in a very cool way so I did encourage him to make his move).

Anyway… we were all taking turns changing our clothes for evening activities.  I hadn’t noticed that this guy was absent for a minute at one point.   I had to do a last minute bathroom stop, to pee.  Now that it’s daylight savings, the host of the house kept the light in the bathroom on for us all.  Well… when I went to the bathroom I didn’t expect anyone to be there because when the bathroom was occupied, we all locked the door…

I opened the door and lo and behold, there’s that same guy dancing in his Calvins!!!! hahaha!  His back was to the door so when I opened the door, he didn’t see me for some very short seconds.  He was actually doing a “happy jig” in his UNDER PANTS!!!  hahaha!  He was in full dance too!  hahaha!!!  It reminded me of this ad from years ago…

Later, when we all got to the secondary location, of course I approached him to reassure him that I’d not disclose what we had both (embarrassingly) had experienced… his secret was safe with me.  I know… some of you may be thinking, if that’s true, why share it on this blog?  Easy… the group doesn’t know me.  The location and where we all went is not included in this post either.  Only he and I know what actually happened.  He looses no points with the “hottie” he snagged plus the group remains clueless.  If it should ever get out who this person was and that “hottie” of his desire… well… that’s entirely on HIM!  But, like I told him… this was just  TOOOO funny not to share!  LOL!!!  (I did tell him I’d blog about this and gave him the blog too.)  So, to the happy dancing guy in his underwear— you CAN see what I wrote here!  LOL!  I sure hope you and the “hottie” work out for a long term union because you and I KNOW HOW HAPPY YOU WERE THAT SHE WAS INTERESTED IN YOU!  hahaha lol!!!!!  Happy holidays to you guys and to each and everyone who reads this post!  LOVE IS IN THE AIR INDEED!!!!

11 thoughts on “Embarressing moments during the holidays… check this out (LOL)

  1. Actually, Jazz, it’s what a lot of us guys do when we’re changing alone. It’s sort of like a Zorba the Greek thing, nobody else is supposed to see it.

    Listening: I’m Your Captain by Grand Funk Railroad.

    • I know… that’s what made this so funny to me. I remember two guys I dated years ago, I caught them both doing their “happy jig” after the first time we were intimate. I found it not only cute, but a little endearing. It’s good to know that men can just as emotional as women. This guys was so funny with his excitement I just had to share it! LOL!

  2. Each one of us has a Snoopy inside.* Haha! You outta see me! I’m quite the sight! hahahahaha!

    Listening: You Are What You Is by Frank Zappa

    *Not in a gerbil way.

    • Snoopy… now there’s an image! LOL! Hey, I think it’s cool to keep the youthful spirit alive in us all. Shoot, I still grab a brush like a microphone when the moment hits me! 😉

  3. That was me with a remote control at the beach last week! Hahahahaha!

    Listening: Listening to the Heart of… by Henry Cow. It’s some REALLY experimental rock.

  4. I remember when I saw this Joe Boxer ad for the first time thinking, “hmmm, now I could really give him something to dance around and smile about …” lol

    • hahaha!!! He (Joe Boxer) was soooo cute in his happiness (and boxers), wasn’t he? LOL! Hope you had a good holiday as well. This post was just a hint of the fun and feasts I had! Hated for it to end. As much as I’d like to say where I was (because it’s really so beautiful this time of year), I had to resist. But still… finding that guy dancing in undies was JUST freakin’ PRICELESS! LOL!

      • Glad you enjoyed your holiday. It’s good to be able to get away sometimes for that much needed rest and relaxation. But let me ask you this: weren’t you just the tiniest bit tempted to pull out the iPod and make him the next YouTube sensation? lol

        Btw, are you on Twitter?

      • hahaha! no… no iPod or twitter here! I personally think those forms of communication are not the coolest thing. If I can’t get it done on email or blogging, it doesn’t really excite me. And I wouldn’t breach any confidence of “the dancing underwear guy” either. I promised him I wouldn’t do that and am a woman of my word too. Corny… yeah maybe, but that’s just me! (smiles) I recently joined Facebook, but so far… well, I don’t get that whole thing either.

        Now… I’ve got a question for you. You seem to be immersed in the music scene… I’m finding it has changed over the years. I was in the biz for a short stance, so what the heck is going on with music these days with Hip Hop (especially)? (do read between the lines too)…

        Peace to you, Nico!

  5. OMG… that was me 2 years ago!!! I’m gay and proud of it too. I was so happy that guy was attracted to me. I remember it like was yesterday. He didn’t catch me dancing, but I remember how excited I was to meet him that night. I hope your blog does not discriminate because I’m sooooo gay. I was searching for funny tales about gay men and when this site came up, I HAD TO READ IT! This post is very funny! Okay, not the best grammatically, but I get it! LOL! I really thought I was the only person in THA WORLD TO DANCE IN MY UNDIES!!!!! Very funny! I couldn’t take a break for Thanksgiving but I will for Christmas so this was really funny to read. And I remember that ad too… that guy was such a cutie! Thanks for sharing!

    • Hi Rextha1! Your sexual preference has nothing to do with me… so no discrimination here! And you’re not alone… I’ve caught a few guys from my past doing the same thing! LOL! I think it’s cute! Sorry you weren’t able to take a break for Turkey day, but Xmas is just around the corner. Thanks for stopping by too!

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