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“Why O’ Why” hit the 10,000 mark sooner than ever thought! YEAH!!!

This post has nothing to do with any current events or news.  Nope… not at all.  We are just so pleased to find that so many of you are reading our posts and because you have, we’ve hit the 10,000 mark!!!  I started this blog alone, had a few people to contribute and participate along the way with some stories that have been posted.  But in the end, I have survived this somehow.  Lots of postings were fun, musical as well, along with a few “new” things were brought to the forefront.  I started this blog to share some of my adventures, experiences with different cultures and opinions.  Somehow, along side that, this blog hit a personal plateau!  So I (we all) just want to thank you, thank you, thank you, for the funk!!!  It’s been a cool and interesting ride thus far.  We hope you’ll continue to visit, share your thoughts when you feel it and spread the word about the blog.  Shiiiiitttt… I figure  (as the Captain of THIS ship) I must being doing SOMETHING right! (?)  I posted 1 story in March and 7 towards the end of April.  The “we” didn’t really get started on this adventure until around July 2009 (and I do consider that the  anniversary date for “Why O’ Why”).  So, from the bottom to the top, top to the bottom of MY heart… THANK YOU!!  I must send a special shout out to a few… Janedoh, Wilfredo, SunnyC (a contributor for lots of postings but never wanted credit) and Stonez, as they have stuck by “Why O’ Why” and shared their thoughts most often.  I’ve gotta’ send a special hello to “Ohellnawl” too (their blog is under the blogroll)!  I love their site!  The most wicked fun without penalty!  Hi Slaus, wife of Slaus and the little slausins :)!!!!  BIG AZZ HUGS TO YOU AND YOUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS!

So… THANK YOU ALL SO VERY MUCH!  Here’s a “happy song” (at least it makes me feel that way) for EVERYONE to enjoy while on your Turkey holiday feasts! With love, peace and soul (train)!  🙂

P.S. I’ll be back after Turkey day with new posts (but I’ll be lurking for sure).   So enjoy your holiday.  I KNOW I’ll enjoy mine! (Winks, hugs and kisses)!

8 thoughts on ““Why O’ Why” hit the 10,000 mark sooner than ever thought! YEAH!!!

  1. Congrats on the 10K mark! I have enjoyed your blog so far. Didn’t realize you guys have been around that long. I’m currently awake and prepping the trinity for some dishes on Thanksgiving.

    And for the record, very cool song with this post! I forgot about George Howard. Hope you have a nice Thanksgiving. BTW, I saw the other post for “”. Thank you for finding that site. I lost a cousin several years back. Local media aired her story but we could never get the national attention. I’ve forwarded their link to family and friends. Thank you for sharing their site with us. Have a great holiday.

    • Thank you AudreyO! I hope you and family enjoyed the holiday feast too! I totally over ate this year, cuz, well, I felt I deserved it. 😉 Thanks for the congrats on our personal mark with visitors— I was very surprised. It’s an extra gift over the “holiday season”. Thank you so much for stopping by as well. P.S. Wasn’t George Howard so cool?! (smiles). I luv that guy’s work. Finally, do continue to pass the word on “”… they are doing a good and much needed thing. I’m sorry to hear about the loss of your cousin too. My prayers are with your family as well. Take care, friend! Peace.

  2. That’s excellent, Jazz! And thanks for the mention, I am truly touched! I do like your site, and the passion that you put into every entry, and of so many diverse things. Keep up the good work!

    Listening: Love Rollercoaster by Ohio Players.

    • Awe!!!! Thank you! The “mention” barely scratched the surface of your continued support! Thanks for the kudos too. I was surprised when I saw the numbers of viewers to the blog. It’s a good feeling indeed.

      Listening: Watching You by Slave (we really had a great time over turkey day)!!!!

    • Well thank you lady! I was so surprised by the numbers that day. BTW, you’ve been added to the blogroll officially! Welcome to “the family” for sure! I hope you had a great turkey day as well. My fun was almost ‘sinful”… I hate that it had to end! haha! Here’s a toast to the boogie (or is that spelled boogy?) In any event, I’ll drink to that, bottoms up!!! 😉 {Reference: “Toast to the boogie” by Parliament— hey I know I spelled that wrong… hahaha}

  3. *Yoy*, what’s happenin’?!!! obviously i haven’t been able to look in on you guys and gals as of late but i definitely wanted to give you a shout out for the blog’s milestone– hats off! keep bringing it and i will surely support in anyway i can! there’s some other comments i’d like to make, need to make, but i just can’t get into it right now. however, i wanted to be sure that ya’ll knew you were appreciated – fa real! keep skirbbln’….

    • Hi Stonez! Thanks for the KUDOS! We’re going to keep at it that’s for sure! Finally got the computer running as it should (at least for now the piece of shit that it is)! Hope to get some more articles posted shortly. Thanks for stopping by too, man. Peace.

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