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Busta’ Rhymes is busted AND broke!

Not like it is a surprise but Busta Rhymes is having major financial issues. He is grasping for straws right now trying to hold it together. He is living on his and his moms credit cards, and doing any show he can get now as long as the crowd (or lack off) has a pulse.  His cc got declined at a 5 star hotel some months back when he was checking in. A member of his hanger on’s (to what I don’t know) had to use their card.

He has about 6-7+ kids and there are countless numbers of women he has cried, begged, and threatened to have abortions from him which is his method of birth control. He doesn’t like to use condoms despite the fact that he has herpes which he doesn’t disclose up front or at all. Anytime he is accused of passing on an std he flips it on them and will accuse them of giving him something.

From a VERY realiable source there is a sex tape floating around with him and a well known tranny. He is the top. Heard from many, many first hand sources that he is dl/bi/gay. He acts like he hates women, doesn’t like them wearing weaves, and passes on std’s. They usually all look like men/butch, have short cuts, i.e Laurie Ann, his first baby moms. As long as his ass has been in industry have you ever really seen him in a relationship…no.

He is very abusive to people, lies, and is just all around nasty. He burns people, literally, and figuratively. That is why his movie career never took off. No one is checking for him anymore and he is washed up, bitter, and angry. It really is just bad karma catching up to him.  SOURCE: The Gossip Jacker

Okay, I’m used to hearing about these dumb ass rappers going broke (MC Hammer) and even being bi/downlow, but the herpes thing is just too gross.  I bet all of his little groupies are panicking now.  I’m just so glad I never had the desire to sell myself that short.  Isn’t herpes “the gift that keeps on giving”?  And his girl (pictured above) does have a manly looking face to me.  And doesn’t she look a little like she could have been the incubator of this girl:

I know… I’M SOOO WRONG FOR THAT!!!  But… Busta’ is BUSTED!!!  This is NOT  a usual “Why O’ Why’s” sort of posting, but shit… I really don’t like to hear about STD’s being spread knowingly, willing or ‘covertly’.  That’s just booty azz STANK to me!

4 thoughts on “Busta’ Rhymes is busted AND broke!

  1. Wow! I don’t want to laugh because of the possible STD issue, but I think you guys nailed this one. Rumors? Yes( possibly), definitely. I was a victim of rumors in high school. But the comparison of the woman and that girl, well, I did find it funny (I’m embarrassed about that too). Not so spot on in their facial features, but I CAN see some ‘manliness’ features in their faces. I did think ‘their offspring’ had nice colored eyes. Ha ha ha

    That’s as far as I can go with a clear mind on this post… but it was funny! ::shamefully giggles::

  2. I don’t know about all of that, but what I do know about on 60 Minutes is when he refused to testify regarding the murder of one of his employees. That just seemed so wrong! I absolutely can’t respect somebody like that. Yeah, the woman on the second photo looks like a dolled up 17 yr. old boy.

  3. Damn!!!

    Not Busta?!? Say it ain’t so!!!

    I guess I’m on the outside looking in, I would’ve never thought that would have been the case. But one things for sure, with those mega soup coolers of his, he could sure as hell go broke trying to buy Chapstick.

    • hahaha! LOL!! You are just too wrong for the chapstick comment! LOL!!! LMAO for real! hahaha Jay Z has waaaay bigger lips than Busta is all I’M saying… hahaha.

      P.S. yeah, I liked you’re azz from the start! BTW the way– you’re officially BOOKMARKED TOO! (winks and hugs, man)

      Love, peace and soul(Train)

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