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Palin supporters are as dumb as she is!

This is pure comedy!  Now I know why I’m so allergic to stupidity.  On the serious side, it is sort of frightening to see how truly dumb a portion of the people in this country really are.  They don’t know her policies yet they would vote for her.  Wow!

5 thoughts on “Palin supporters are as dumb as she is!

  1. Dude at min marker 5:10 has books in his arm…can he even read cause that fool can barely speak!! Oh, and Russia is right across the street?



    • Maaannnn… there were too many markers in this video for me to count! hahaha LMAO! Sarah Palin attracts the “Jethro’s” of this country in a big way! hahaha!!! “UNBELIEVABLE” but ooo so painfully true, as captured in this clip! Hahaha @ your comment; “books in his arms”– was thinking the same thing! She better not run for President in 2012…. I think we will be in a world of trouble judging from this video… you know there are more inbreeds out there than this video actually shows.

      I will be having libations all damn day on Turkey day, cuz…. DAMN!!! LOL

  2. It’s only right that they are Palin’s followers, she can’t really talk either. Doesn’t make it any less scary though. Yikes!

    Listening: The Jam by Graham Central Station.

  3. Ugh, I must be tired. I just paraphrased the title of this post. LOL! Let me get back to you on this.

    Listening: Kimbisia by Bobby Matos.

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