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“Black and Missing”. The website that gives missing Blacks more coverage

I received a link to a site that has dedicated its’ existence to bringing more awareness for people of colour who are missing.  This is a painful (but true) part of this country’s imbalance– national Mainstream media offer little to no attention with the same concern as they do when a white women and white children are missing.  Shame on them for their indifference.  “Why O’ Why” is posting their link to our blogroll as well,  for a secondary location for the important work they are doing.  I’m highlighting their latest posting of a young black woman named Chrissita Cage from Detroit.

Police are asking the public to assist them in finding a missing local woman.  Twenty-eight-year-old Chrissita Cage has been missing since Oct. 26 and suffers from bipolar disorder.  Officials said they found her vehicle on Belle Isle with all of her personal items in it.  Here is Ms. Cages’ photo:

If you recognize her or know of her whereabouts, please report any information you have to the local Detroit police department.

Again, it’s a real disgrace that this indifference occurs, but it is more than great to discover that there is an organization out there who has devoted their energies to this worthy mission.  People are people and should all be given the same attention when a loved one is missing.  Black people have families members too and are just as devastated when their children go missing.  Ms. Cage IS someone’s daughter.  Our prayers are with her family.  Again, the site is called; Blackandmissing.org and they are also under our blogroll (to the right). 

EDITORS NOTE:  UPDATED 4/15/2011– that note should now be to the left on the blogroll.  I’ve been utilizing a new format since this original posting.  Thanks.

7 thoughts on ““Black and Missing”. The website that gives missing Blacks more coverage

  1. I don’t know if you’ve read my comments on OHN regarding MSM’s poor coverage of missing people of color. The negligence is so atrocious, that it makes me wonder if this is a deliberate message. The rational part of me is shouting that this CAN´T be the case, but I just don’t know anymore.

    Listening: The Fall of Troy by Tom Waits

    • “The rational part of me is shouting that this CAN´T be the case, but I just don’t know anymore”… that rational part of you is actually speaking truth to you! It’s not an illusion (unfortunately). There seems to be an element of doubt that halts us from pointing a rightful finger to the imbalance. They [MSM] are (again, the term “in plain view” is so relevant), doing this. Or should I say, neglecting the balance of exposure. There are just as many Black women and children who go missing every day but “our media” only exposes a small fraction on a national level by comparison to our counterparts. I hadn’t seen any comments you’ve made on this subject, but glad you could identify with this post. FOR SURE! Please, bookmark their link and pass it around. If MSM fail to do their part in this effort, I am hopeful that word of mouth will do its part to expose our missing women and children, if not more. I’m just glad a buddy sent the link to me. I was surprised that they’ve (blackandmissing.org) have been at this for nearly a decade.

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