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Some “sexy” to get you going (some women for the fellas as promised)…

Well… here we go!   I sure hope the fellas do not expect some explicit pics for this post.  Nevertheless, I promised and am delivering.

Since I’m not bi/bi-curious or a lesbian… this really is the best that I can bring myself to deliver for you men.  I think we (women) are so gorgeous, so these are more “artistic” rather than risque’.  Shit… beauty is beauty to me.  I hope the men (and even if there are some gay women out there who see this) will enjoy these pics.  Now… because I do know that some men out there have slightly fragile ‘egos’, I’m posting a few more pics for their viewing pleasures.  Again, ENJOY!

She is rockin’ the shit out of her “fro”!   Pretty face and hair for sure…

Arabian beauties do have a certain mystic.  Isn’t she gorgeous too?

Cute…  isn’t she?  She’s a bi-racial blend too.  Hell, we do come in all shades and hues…

I’ve met a few Indian women who are built like us (Black women).  You guys would be “faking it” if you told me you weren’t diggin’ this chick!  haha…

Please embrace the “fro” (or natural locs) fellas… it is on the verge of coming back in a very strong way!  Ms. Hill was a true natural beauty (to me).  I personally miss your artistry, so Lauren, if you should ever see this… I hope you come back to the music circle soon.

And what guy wouldn’t dig Laila?  The “sexy boxing girl” of a freakin’ legend!  She’s a very cool combo of “tough and sexy” for sure!

My damn!!!  How sexy is she?!!  “Chocolaty” hues work so well on men and women!  If I ever envied anything, it would be that I’m just not dark enough (even for my own damn taste)!   Isn’t she gorgeous?!!! (Thanks Wilfredo for pointing out the last model here was not a beautiful black woman.)

And here’s a double-dose of Halle… she is definitely hanging tough for a woman in her 40’s!  Rock on, Halle, rock on, sister-mama!

I just love the whole mid-east look those women have!  I even have this same type of outfit, just because I could actually purchase it from the region!  I believe she’s Mid-eastern (?).  I know… you men could actually give a shit about her native origins! (haha).  She is cute isn’t she?  So enjoy!!!

Finally and last… gotta’ love the hair in its’ natural state!  It is just Oooo so very cool to dig yourself enough to rock the shit out of it.  And to boot— ain’t she pretty too?

Hey… I sure hope you fellas dug this post.  Again, I’m not a bi/bi curious or lesbian, but I did try to be objective for this post for the guys!  Equal time for the “sexiness” fellas is all I am trying to do!!! winks and smiles fellas… winks and smiles.

Please be sure to rate this post for me… I’d like to make sure I’m on the right track as there are some other pics to come… (well, if I got this post right for you guys)!!! 🙂

20 thoughts on “Some “sexy” to get you going (some women for the fellas as promised)…

  1. Hah! I’m not going to get caught up in picking just ONE, that would be insanity itself. But I will say this: The more natural, the better.

    Listening: Buffalo Skinner by Woody Guthrie. Going through my protest songs now.

    • Whew! Good looking out Wil! I still had some ladies ready for the next post so check out the replacement. And hey, you can pick which ever one you like! 🙂 That’s what a few of the ladies did for the “sexy male post”. I’d be kinda curious to see if I were in the ballpark for you too. (winks). And I agree, no need for the clown make-up at all. I thought Lil’ Kim was such a cute (slutty) girl, but now… well, I’m sure you’ve seen her lately. Just sad.

  2. Actually, I take it back. That model looks like she’s in blackface. If this is truly the case, then no.

    Listening: Dust Pneumonia Blues by Woody Guthrie. This one might interest you since it includes an interview with Guthrie regarding the subject.

    • Get out of town!!! I’ve gotta’ edit that right now… I’m definitely not supporting that shit (re: blackface). I was trying to find a dark sister but I didn’t want to use Naomi Campbell because her attitude is horrible! Standby man and thanks for the heads up…

  3. For the record, Laila Ali, because I loves the tough women! But the pinch hitter you brought in at the last moment has some lethal curves on her! All sorts of animal thoughts are in my head right now! Woof!
    The last one seems the type that would want to change my ways even though she feel in love with the actual me.
    The Indian woman wouldn’t last 4 seconds with me after she found out that I’m broke.

    Listening: Eleggua by Mercedita Valdes (Afro-Cuban)

    • “Good eye” for Laila! She is a knock out (pun intended). And yeah, I can imagine that the last minute beauty would make a brother write several hot checks! LOL Although I wanted to save her for the next post, she came in handy for changing the previous photo. “The Indian woman wouldn’t last 4 seconds with me after she found out that I’m broke.”… don’t sell yourself short. They earn modest incomes over there so you could be like a “Donald Trump” to her! (smiles) Hey, I’m glad you like the post. I believe in giving equal time for the “sexiness”. I think I’m going to add these types of post more often too.

      Listening: Fool in Love by Ike and Tina Turner (I’ve gotta’ check yours out, that’s another new one for me). (winks)

  4. Ike & Tina! Thanks for the idea! I’m just putting together a mix CD and they would fit in perfectly! It’s something to take to the beach and make things interesting by having a hodge podge on the disc.
    Thanks for the compliment (I think, lol).
    Listening: Fall into You by Soulstice. (chill) Also part of the mix.

    • Yes, it was definitely a compliment! And I’ll bet people enjoy listening to your music on the beach too. Sounds like fun times. You must have been a DJ in a past life for sure! 🙂

      Listening: Open Arms by Rachelle Ferrell (Checking for your song by Soulstice now…)

  5. I really like Rachelle Ferrelle. I think with a little push, she can go by way of Nina Simone where she can sing anything that she wants to sing, Kurt Weill, Cole Porter, Carole King, Gil Scott Heron and, of course, her own stuff.
    I also wanted to drop in and see that curvaceous woman again! *growl*

    Listening: No Ordinary Love by Sade. Hey, why wasn’t Sade in that mix? Have you noticed that she’s gotten even more beautiful. In the eighties, she looked like a girl, now she looks like a woman, yowsah!

    • Yeah, Rachelle was this shit!!! “I also wanted to drop in and see that curvaceous woman again! *growl*”… you are too funny. Hey… I’m glad you dug her! You’ll notice I gave you a shout on with her pic too? 🙂

      And yes, Sade was a very pretty lady. It always bugged me that people were critical of her forehead like school yard bullies or something. I wonder what she’s up to these days?

      Listening: Eternity by Chaka Khan. She’s one my favorite vocalists.

  6. Sade put out something a few years ago, and she looks stunning. Artistically, I haven’t heard anything, but I won’t be surprised when she does put out a kickass album!
    Chaka is excellent. She’s not working enough.

    Listening: Lamento Borincano by Caetano Veloso. One of the best versions ever!

    • Yes, it would be cool to hear from Sade again! And Chaka probably deserves a little break, she was 15 when she was with Rufus. And I’m listening to your cut right now! This IS sweeeet!!! It makes me want to hear another song, but unfortunately, I can’t remember the name or the artist right now….

  7. Caetano Veloso is a famous Brazilian musician who has collaborated with other musicians from all over the world. The song Lamento Borincano (Borinquen is an old name for Puerto Rico) is a classic by songwriter Rafael Hernandez about the plight of the Jibaro (country folk) in P.R. You should check out Caetano’s other songs. What a voice!

    Listening: Daysleeper by REM

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    • Well… greetings to you in Saudi! And thank you for stopping by but this isn’t a sex website. You’re looking at an article that simply shows how beautiful woman are around the world. I’m going to remove you’re email address for your privacy.

      For some reason, I’ve noticed an influx in this piece so I guess that’s a good thing but you won’t meet any “hot girls” here. Just thought I’d let you know. 🙂

    • Hi Badar! Too cute! Well, this isn’t a dating site but rather a blog. Thanks for writing from the Persian Gulf– love that part of the world by the way. Just wish it wasn’t so darn hot!

      And technically– you’ve “met” me– as I am sharing some of my personal experiences here. 🙂


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