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Milk… what’s really going on?

Before you look at the video below, I want to make sure I make this clear…  I AM NOT A RACIST by any stretch of the imagination.  This clip is a finely done, all wrapped up into one presentation of facts that is going on with milk.  A little back history on me: as a child, I drank milk more than water as I came in from playing outside.  I never got to a level of lactose intolerant, but I did stop drinking milk about 16+ years ago because I’d read, that people of colour only need their mother’s milk.  After having a complete physical (way back when), blood work ups and the “whole 9 yards”, I was really surprised at how very healthy I am.  I actually was a little nervous before the test results on that day so many years ago.  But… it did prove, my calcium intake, has been gained by other sources of foods, mainly veggies!  So, please look at this clip with an open mind and hopefully it will encourage everyone (not just people of colour) to research the truth behind a product that is so heavily promoted as a staple for “good” health.  I won’t say that everyone should become a vegan per se, but I’m living proof that your health can be “superior” (and that’s a word for lack of a better choice) without what we have been “trained” to think we need.  And you know… I’ve gotta’ send this particular post out to “Brandy”.  She just wrote Why O’ Why to challenge what is on this blog about certain information we do put forth.  We stand by our extensive research too.  This clip sums up the research we have done, very effectively.  It is only void one thing though… some extra info. about the hormones that cows are and have been injected with for quite sometime.

To your health!  So get on it folks!!! By the way, I don’t have any financial incentive to mislead or misdirect… shit I don’t even have an incentive for supplying information that may slow down the purchase of milk.  I’m just a cool ass muthafuka who has (thankfully) had the time to do some research and share with anyone who gives a damn. Wake up folks, because this shit is so REAL!

7 thoughts on “Milk… what’s really going on?

  1. Yeah, I’m slightly lactose intolerant myself. it’s why I make sure I don’t drink milk before I go out and drink beer, lol!
    I didn’t find the video particularly racist, but I will have to check that data, though.

    Jazz, it’s killing me! Who did the music to that video? I was really diggin’ it!

    • hahaha! I hope you’re not mixing milk and beer! lol! That would be disastrous!!! LOL. And I just wanted to make sure that posting this info wasn’t excluding any race because it’s only about a product that is loaded with some foul shit. I’ll see what I can do to find the out who did the music for you.

      I just took a listen to Woody Guthrie… is that C&W?…. Patsy Cline is the only C&W artist I really dug…

  2. Actually, Jazz, that was folk music. But I tell you what, you want more digestible* Woody Guthrie music, check out the Billy Bragg & Wilco collaboration on the disc Mermaid Avenue.
    Here’s a sample:

    Catchy tune.

    *I didn’t mean to pun there. You know, the lactose intolerance?
    I’ll leave now.

    • Re: song… much better! It made me want to listen to Mister Blu Sky by ELO for some reason. “*I didn’t mean to pun there. You know, the lactose intolerance?
      I’ll leave now.” hahaha… didn’t mean to make you blush of course, but I did get a weird visual of what that might be like. A funny combo of gas and peeing LOL!

  3. Well I love milk… I used to drink it everyday but sometimes I forget…… I dont know about blacks not needing/being able to break it down…… There are an abundance of tribes in africa that drink milk (usually mixed with blood). I love cheese too…..

    Ive stopped eating beef and pork for 6 yrs… I dont know about my cheese though… Very informative. 4 claps

    • Well Hi Blu!!!

      “There are an abundance of tribes in africa that drink milk (usually mixed with blood).”… not sure about the blood but you’re right. BUT, I believe it’s goats milk and not cows. Recommended reading: Milk the Deadly Poison by Robert Cohen. It’s a real eye opener. And I cut out meat a long time ago (although I do miss my fried chicken from time to time).

      I’m so glad you stopped by, lady… very cool! And thanks for the 4 claps! ::I BLUSH::

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