Dumb statements…

While out and about standing in line at the register today… I heard a really dumb statement.  The lady in front of me was swiping her credit card.  It didn’t go through, so she had to swipe it again.  After the third time, she actually said; “Wosh, I know I have money on this account.  You guys almost gave me some gray hairs with that (as she stroked her hair)”.  Now… here comes the dumb part, she was wearing a freakin’ weave!!!!   I thought to myself; “you do know that weave doesn’t gray”?!!!  SMH.  I know, I know… she was actually referring to her own hair, but the fact she was stroking that really bad weave as if it were her own, was just comical!

I’m thoroughly convinced that there’s a new form of crack some people are “tokin'” on.  So… what are some dumb statements you guys have heard people say?  Hey– I can’t be the only one in the world to overhear some crazy shit.  Shoot… can I?

4 thoughts on “Dumb statements…

  1. I got one for you: This poor miserable bastard cuts his throat, his wrists and throws himself off the roof of his building for good measure. I told this to a teenager, and he just looks at me, and says, “how many stories high was the building?”

    Listening: Ideology by Billy Bragg.

  2. Actually, I was quite used to those comments of his, so I just shook my head and laughed, and I told him that it’s a good thing that he’s a talented artist, otherwise, yikes!

    Listening: Hurricane by Bob Dylan.

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