Groupie Stuff / Some "Sexy" to get you going (men)

A little “sexy” to get you going…

It’s been a while since I’ve posted some “yummy-ness” that men and only men can exude!  All I’ve gotta’ say is… DAMN!  Enjoy.


I just love a white guy with dark hair and eyes!  He could get the “honorary black man” vote ( IMHO)!

hot sexy black model with afro

I truly love a brother that can rock a ‘fro”!!!  He may put forth a little fruitiness, but he’s still sexy to me!  Hey… I wouldn’t f*ck him though!   (hahaha) I simply think this dude is very sexy! Shit… just look at the hue of his skin!   DAMMIT SON!!!!!!

Rucker-296x429And this brother here… just pure yummy!!!

gorgeous black man

This guy makes me want a caramel ‘lollipop’!  (evil grin)

sexy black man in pool

Something tells me he would have “lunch” on my kitty all night long! Oops… did I say that aloud?! 🙂

It’s funny, while searching for these GORGEOUS men, Naomi Campbell’s pic came up.  Google seems to think Naomi is a dude!  LOL!!  And don’t worry fellas, I’ll certainly post some “hotties” for you too. (wink, wink, smile) (NOTE: please do me a favor and rate this post.  We would just like to know if you appreciate these types of posts whenever we do them.  We know it’s not our usual sort of ‘topic‘.)

8 thoughts on “A little “sexy” to get you going…

  1. Well, hi Kim! Thanks for the comment!! 🙂 And I’m so glad you liked the read too (this a “grown folk” blog so we tend to be very direct in our language sometimes—shit, cuz we can)! HAHAH!. By the way, we are trying something a little new, we added the” Rate This” feature just above the date and categories/tags… we’re really hoping that if people can’t leave a comment (most seem to view us while at work), but we hope they can rate our posts for us. Just curious, should we move that location to another area of the post? And by the way, which one really knocked your socks off? I personally was digging that one at the bottom, although I liked the third one A LOT! P.S. I just clicked the rate button so that it may stand out a little more… I’d sure appreciate your feedback. I’ve got five more yummy guys saved up for a rainy day too! 🙂 (wink)

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