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Something to ponder…

This looks like an old report (a few years back perhaps) but nevertheless the information contained therein is IMPORTANT and worthy of review.  It’s funny to me when  the “rep” for the CDC responds to this information, his statement alludes to a simple fact:

Vaccines may cause side affects (and they have been shown to cause death, too), but there are NO guarantees that you won’t have a negative reaction.

He and the CDC seem clueless that vaccines are “supposed” to protect you primarily (first and foremost) according to their own promotion of these drugs.  Isn’t that how the CDC refers to vaccines?  They are meant to “protect”?  The “potential side effects” (or trade off) should not include Autism or death.  I would think that they should certainly want “to achieve these two common goals” for vaccines; and ensuring low risk  and minimal reactions would be paramount. (Before they are administered to the general population.)  Look at this clip and you decide.  Something ain’t right, I tell ya’…

3 thoughts on “Something to ponder…

  1. What I don’t understand is how they can be so laid back about this. If someone tried to forcibly take my child from me and do something to him they would have one hell of a fight on their hands. In fact, There Would Be Blood –theirs.

    • “If someone tried to forcibly take my child”—- I SO AGREE WITH YOU! It wouldn’t happen in the first place, not with MY child!

      And 1 out of 150 children actually have Autism now?! That’s infuriating! I really can’t believe that there focus seems to be keeping this information under raps either. I’m just glad I have never had my children vaccinated. Thanks for the post.

  2. Hello. I’ve been quietly viewing this site for a few months (well maybe more). Viewed some of the postings off and on, but never really wanted to write any comments until now. But on this subject, I wanted to write and tell your viewers, that my child (first born) is autistic too. I have sought legal assistance, but the bottom line is no one wants to be held accountable. No drug companies, difficult to find legal representation at a reasonable cost. The stats that indicated 1 out of 150 children now has autism is very much a shock to me, I was told my childs condition was very rare. And I did believe them. They have said to me that it is unusual and the vaccines are not related. This post has given me a new fury to continue to do what I was doing for many years, which is to find JUSTICE. For any reader, please note vaccines being touted as safe, this is not true. I am still so devastated by my childs diagnosis and to think that this could have been avoided!!! This event has not only changed her life, but our family too. Thank you for posting this information. Maybe you will spare some other family by our devastation of the diagnosis and crippling finances. Thank you for posting this.

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