DAMN SHAME / Serious Shit

Here’s some hardcore proof that something is NOT right…

We’ve done a few pieces for about a month just to try to wake people up.  Again, I realize that people are having a difficult time adjusting their minds to how real this whole thing is, but a very dear friend just sent me this clip.  Watch for yourself:

If you love your family, you will heed the warning.

12 thoughts on “Here’s some hardcore proof that something is NOT right…

  1. Wow! My son had Honeycombs for breakfast this morning! This is very upsetting. Especially knowing that we try to eat healthy things in our house. Again, this is very upsetting. Thanks for the post! I’m thinking that lots of people might not appreciate this, but I do!!!

    • BTW, stop drinking coffee (if you’re a coffee drinker) and don’t drink any beer. It’s some pure evil shit happening to everyone that most are gravely unaware of. And for goodness sake, please don’t take any vaccines.

  2. We recently bought our cereals. Months ago we only thought we’d made ‘good choices’. But because of this, we’ve tossed out lots of whats in our cabinets. THIS IS VERY SHOCKING! It’s a magnet that is moving the cereal across a plate?! What more would people want as evidence? After viewing this, we did purchase a magnet (a few days ago) and found that there are other foods in our cupboards too. Rice, “enriched” pasta and even some crackers or enhanced forms of “iron” in our foods. I wonder if these extra additives to our foods is interfering with my current diet. I want to loose about an additional 15 pounds, but am having no luck for the past many months. Maybe these ‘bad foods’ is actually interfering with that?!! This report is very eye opening, but it also makes me mad and upset. All I can say is thank you for posting this information for so many to see. You people are a blessing!!! This is such an informative report.

  3. thanks for this post!!! this type of food manipulation and fabrication has been going on for a while (fast food is just one culprit). i never thought they would attack the children, too,but i should know better. it goes deeper…i’m just glad that people are starting to look into and actually believe that these things are going on here in the U.S. – democracy, land of the free-n-shit…right.

    • Yes, there is iron in our blood… but, peep this clip: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CUNGBAWwuOY I started to post this clip initially. I was actually shocked when the metal shavings were extracted from the cereal. I also tested some other ‘enriched’ foods. Those processed foods seem to have these metal shavings in them as well as they certainly attached to my magnet. Hey, I’m just trying to help folks make an informed decision is all. I do understand the reluctance, believe me, I was there too. As a kid, my pops instilled in me to challenge what I was being taught because there always seem to be “something” missing. Our Black History is one the main reasons that made since to me too. Hey… I guess it’s in my nature… 🙂

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