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Keystone Cops! LOL!

A buddy just sent me these two links… lol!  The first is of a cop who tasers himself!  (You’ll see him hit the ground– LOL).  And the second one, well, words just can’t describe how funny this shit is…

The serious side of the second keystone cop is that he wasn’t charged for his crime.

4 thoughts on “Keystone Cops! LOL!

  1. LOL! It’s a toss up between the two, but I was cracking up when the one cop said he thought he was dead! “Dead Man TALKING!!!! haha!!!

    I think I enjoyed it more when the first cop tased himself! THAT MADE MY DAY! LOL!!!

  2. Those were PRICELESS! Good stuff, WHY O WHY! Keep them coming because I needed that laugh today!!! I got a bogus ass speeding ticket on the way to work (ain’t that some shit)?! I gotta watch that cop who tazed himself again. I’m thinking, “yo fool, just stop pressing the trigger”. That’s what his donut eating ass gets!!! And the other dude thought we was DEAD from maryjane brownies, but was mindful to ask about the score of a game??!! I like the tag too: THE SQUARE ROOT OF DUMB

  3. the brownies cop was funny as shit, can’t believe he thought he was gonna OD. and his wife what was she tripping off of, they have to be the dummest couple ever. I mean who in they right mind calls the police when you high unless you done took some extra hard shit, it was just weed, plus he’s was a cop he should know they gonna rcord that mess. just all around looser and these are the people that are here to prtect us wow.

    • “and these are the people that are here to prtect us”… I know!!!! Can you say Barney Fife from Mayberry dumb!!! LOL! He really cracked me up when he said; “I think I’m DEAD”!!!! That must have been the “best” weed ever! LOL!

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