Dumb Sh*t We Don’t Need!

big cup cake

Okay, do people in advertising and marketing think we are so dumb that we’ll buy anything they sell?  Well, maybe some of us are!  I just saw one of the dumbest things advertised on television… a mold for a big ass cupcake!  Really?  We’d make a big ass cupcake instead of baking a regular ass cake?  Come on people… say it ain’t so!!!  This product is just as dumb as:

smuggie blanket

I’m amazed that muthafukas wouldn’t just get a blanket out of their closet, but will pay $19.99 plus shipping and handling for this shit right here!  Here’s novelty idea, how about putting on your bathrobe if you get a little chilly?  Seems to me that our society just likes to buy unneccessary bullshit whenever it’s created.  If I ever roll up into someone’s house and they pull either of these pieces of crap out, I’m warning you right now… you will be blasted on this blog!  Photo and all!  SMDH.

5 thoughts on “Dumb Sh*t We Don’t Need!

  1. THANK YOU!!!! I thought I was the only one that thought this was the dumbest thing ever! Here’s another idea. TURN UP THE DAMN HEAT, put on some socks or wear your sweats around the fucking house! DUMB, DUMB, DUMB! Hope you do catch somebody with this shit too. PUT THEM ON BLAST! 🙂

  2. worst part is, I have a silly ass girlfriend who saw the dam thing and asked if I could get her one, glad I didn’t cuzz I would have to admitt it now! but If she ever goes out and get’s one herself I will take the pic and send it to you. just use a blanket dammit!!!

    • Oooo…. I’m so glad you’ve managed to talk your girlfriend out of that purchase. The dude who created that crap is actually a millionaire that thanks to the stupidity of so many! Hey– keep the camera ready, just in case she buys this crap anyway! LOL!!

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