Gone too far!

Here’s Noah Cyrus, Miley’s 9-year-old sister, at a Halloween fundraiser last weekend. Surely her parents must realize that underage sexification will be hard to pass off as an innocent misstep. At least Noah stayed away from the stripper pole this time.  SOURCE: Huffingtonpost.com

miley sister

Okay… the report said this girl is 9 YEARS OLD!  Since when has it become okay to dress our little girls up like hookers to ‘trick or treat’?  More proof to me that her big sister Miley is a cash cow for that family and the parents are allowing their children to run amuck!  This is NOT CUTE AT ALL!  Shame on them for being such poor parents.

8 thoughts on “Gone too far!

  1. Objectively speaking, it’s kind of funny. But, yeah, most of me is outraged by her parents pimpery,* of their older daughter.
    I LOVE what you’ve done to the place, Jazz!

    *I know it’s not a word, but I don’t drink coffee on Sundays (because I don’t have to), and drowsiness is not conducive to cleverness.

    Listening: Wicked Little Town by Hedwig and the Angry Inch

    • Pimpery!!! Good one! LOL!

      I just think that it’s really tacky for them to allow their 9 year old to dress like that. The lipstick, the S&M boots, the skirt is way too short… damn! One daughter is dancing on a pole and the other looks like she’s on her way to her favorite street corner! And you really like the new theme? Cool!!! Thanks for the feedback on that, man! I changed it up because I was getting feedback that the first themes’ print was a little too small.

      Listening: Outside My Window by Stevie Wonder

  2. Man, I wish my wife would allow our daughter out of the house like this! Some “adults” should not be allowed to have kids. I mean, what is she suppose to be dressed as? Whatever the goal was, she ended up looking like a 9 year old prosti-tot! This gets a huge FAIL!!!

  3. Just wanted to comment on how great your blog is. You have some vary interesting topics that I am already vary familiar with so I have no problem following your every word. I’m in the process of linking our pages so that my readers can find out how interesting you site is as well.

    • Hi Detta! Cool beans! I’m adding your site to my blogroll as well. It’s refreshing to know that this much needed information is starting to penetrate the minds of others. Be sure to check out this piece when you can: “Maybe the approach has been wrong”. I’m simply alarmed by the masses who are lining up for the swine flu vaccines. If they only understood the seriousness of what they were doing to themselves and their loved ones. Take care!

  4. Yes… that is crazy. But nowadays you have these parents who have young girls my daughter’s age (7) wearing weave and outfits that are for grown women….made in kids sizes..wtf…smh

    • Oh I know (re: weaves in kids hair)! That should be considered a form of child abuse! And didn’t Bounce (I mean Beyonce) have a hooker line of clothes for little girls? Outrageous! Some ‘adults’ should not be allowed to procreate!

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