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McGavock High’s young men cultivate better image, better grades, better futures


McGavock students Wayne King, left, Emery Lankford and Michael Bowers

SOURCE:    If McGavock High School has had an image problem, there is a group of students committed to changing that.  Starting with themselves.  “It’s cool to dress up. It’s cool to be smart and get good grades,” senior Wayne King said. “It’s cool to speak articulately. You don’t have to be wearing baggy pants and throwing gang signs.”  Taking responsibility for your life is the message of McGavock’s Gentlemen’s Association, a student founded and student run club that began with just a few who formed with a few the second semester last school year.  The concept gained traction in a short amount time, forming a club with 10th grade English teacher Shannon Alexander as the sponsor and with about 15-25 students sticking it out, since one of the requirements is wearing a suit and tie on Fridays.  This school year, 42 students had signed up as of early October, with those numbers still rising, according to Alexander.  “They work on everything from image, to grades, to improving the way they speak and conduct themselves,” Alexander said. “They’ve talked to people in the community. They want to do community service, anything to better themselves, and they support each other.”  Other than being a male, the only eligibility requirement is that improvement is made. And this year, a Ladies Association is in the planning stages.  They also have a business plan… click here for the rest of this coolness:

This is the definition of “cool” to me.  And to think, about a few weeks ago some students at Morehouse were upset about a new dress code that included pulling your pants up!  I love it when the student becomes the teacher!  Way to go WAYNE, EMERY AND MICHAEL!!!

10 thoughts on “McGavock High’s young men cultivate better image, better grades, better futures

    • Hi Shannon! I loved this one too. It proves that our kids actually want to do better than what they experience in their current environment. These are ‘OFFICIALLY’ my adopted sons!

  1. This is great! I read about the dress code at Morehouse (my old stomping grounds). I’m disappointed that they don’t want to dress better than your average thug. At least we have these young bloods trying to set the right example. Keep up the good work Wayne, Emery and Michael!

  2. I love this. It’s great to see young black men making a difference. Stepping away from the everyday normal and daring to be different. I love it.

    • “Hats off for sure” for these young men! Hoping that any source out there, will continue to stay on top of their efforts. I personally feel this should be a story for “CNN”. When something good is happening, it seems to me, it barely receives the attention it needs. But I love that these guys are “thinking outside of the box”.

      • I totally agree with yoy50. I graduated from McGavock back in 88, I live in Michigan now and have heard nothing but negative things about my form school. It is great to hear something positive for the school, as well as, for the students. Kudos Gentleman, let’s definitely get the Ladies involved too. Also have you considered setting up a fund so that us former students can donate to the club, this could enable the young men to take on those community projects that were mentioned. Just a thought…

      • “have heard nothing but negative things about my form school”… you see how they do us?!

        Hi there Leah and how cool is it that this is your alma mata?! And I agree with you that they should get the ladies involved. I’m not from the area but I have been looking at the possibility of creating some charitable cause that could be tied-in to the blog! Maybe we should chat about possibilities because I really like what these young guys were doing!

        Thanks for stopping by,
        Jazz 🙂

    • Any ideas? uhm… not entirely but I do like the potential! Maybe we should chat offline… the email is at the top left under: “Got Somethin’ To Say”… let’s brainstorm!!!!


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