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Boycott the Ballot! “The Solution”(?) Let’s make this “viral”!

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In recent weeks, our blog site has taken a slight turn from its’ initial direction (for a short period only).   We’ve been laying out some pretty heavy topics that requires a new way of looking at things.  This is especially true for those who’ve never been introduced to these particular subjects.  We’ve continued to urge people to research what we’ve been exposing as of late, and ask that everyone become activists.  I have offered you the very things that I have been doing.  Contacting state and local representatives, or signing petitions, etc.  You know, the things we are taught to do.  Well, after reading this: Don’t Rock The Vote – Boycott It!… I’m convinced that this is the ultimate solution for what we all face right now.   I was already aware of some of the things discussed in this article, but I also had to do my own research.  His “overview, summation and solution” way of illustrating “just the facts” is rarely seen these days (in my opinion).

The premise is simple but the effects could take our American history to a whole other level.  The idea: DO NOT VOTE!  By not voting, we will actually have a legitimate chance to have our voices heard for the first time in many, many years!  Our conditioned minds tells us that it’s unpatriotic not to vote.  To the contrary, it is patriotism to the extreme.  By this act of solidarity, we are in effect, confronting our government to allow us to engage and PARTICIPATE.  And along with that, our patriot duty is to uphold the Constitution.  Loosing our liberties is something that every American should be willing to defend.   You see… we can’t get more patriotic than that! 

So think about this for a minute… make two lists to start.  One reflects the changes you feel this government needs to make (example: repeal the U.S. Patriot Act, no mandatory vaccinations, just a few examples).  And then make a list of the things our government has actually done that has offered you a better way of life.  (I personally can’t think of one thing, but that’s just me).  [It’s important to keep in mind, we must collectively put our petty differences aside, not excluding racism].  Now… compare the two.  Do you think our next elected officials in any election will actually address your concerns from either of these lists?  And let’s face it, both major political parties (Dems and Repubs) are actually one in the same.  Same campaign promises but nothing ever really changes (does it)?  By not casting a vote in any election… there would be such a shockwave sent through our  U.S. government… you really will be amazed.  And as this movement begins to circulate, we’ll know we’re on the right track by one thing.  They [media] will only attack us by using rhetoric like ‘unpatriotic’.  Let them talk about this movement in that manner.  That’s all they’ll be able to do because this is perfectly legal!  We all (every one of us) has a real chance of making this the quietest and most effective Revolutionary effort at any point or time in history!  And the best part… you won’t have to leave your home to do anything!  If the majority (of us) does participate in this “movement”… our government has no choice but to revert back to “The Rule of Law” and the U.S. Constitution.  Consider this, we (everyone) might actually be shifted into a position where we can finally garner the much needed transparency of our government!  We may even be able to demand, for the first time in history, an actual audit of the Federal Reserve (better known as the IRS)!  Yes, this idea is just that big, folks!  Here are a few more reasons to consider this brilliant move:

Recent peaceful protests in different locations throughout the U.S. has shown police brutality on a whole other scale.  Even when the protesters are peaceful, with permits in tow… they are pepper-sprayed, beaten, thrown to the ground and some are arrested.  All in the name of “The Right to Peaceably Assemble”.  And let’s think about what’s been taking place at some of the Town Hall meetings recently.  Some of those gatherings have turned into a shouting match.  Others don’t feel their questions were ever addressed with long lines for a 2 minute ability to pose a question.  There’s not enough time to weigh-in on the many concerns the citizens were prepared to either ask, or have answered.  It’s a political traffic jam from every angle [option]!!  And I can’t fail to point this one out as another incentive to seriously consider “Boycott the Ballot”.  The headline reads; “Once Again, The Will of the Voters Is Denied”.  Families, first Responders, survivors and supporters of NYC CAN  pushing for a Ballot Referendum which calls for a New Impartial 9/11 Investigation.  Everyone gathered and marched from Battery Park to City Hall via Ground Zero, WTC 7 and State Supreme Court to protest the City’s attempt to block the referendum from going on November’s ballot.  The lawful petition efforts the citizens of NYC utilized to become activists/voices within our legal system garnered 80,000 signatures.  But somehow that just didn’t matter.  The proposed Referendum was simply putting the question to the voters.  And the question was simple– should there be a private commission appointed to a new 9/11 investigation?  80,000 Americans were rejected, folks.  It is our right to participate and be engaged in a fair debate which in this case, was to have this issue handed to the public to decide.  And they have the audacity to say NO… during an election year?!  Are they insane?!

The timing for “Boycott the Ballot” could not have been more perfectly aligned to the upcoming elections!  You see, if we were playing checkers, we could be saying; “KING ME”!  If this were a game of chess (which is the way I think we should all be participating in this “game”), this move would be “CHECK MATE”!!  In other words, what we are demonstrating with this collective move is this; if they can’t (won’t) hear our concerns, allow us to participate (allow us a platform)… we won’t vote for any of them.  We’ve gotta’ start thinking like they [government] would and use the same techniques they are using on us, which is simple STRATEGY!  By getting the word out now, when November arrives, this will have already gone “viral”.  Read this again: Don’t Rock The Vote – Boycott It!.  He does a bang up job of bringing this information “home” in another way that you will really appreciate!  This is our smoking gun, folks.  Make this election year be one that is written into the history books!  Just like they made history in 2000 when we didn’t have a president more than 30 days, we can do it too!  This one is too easy folks, just spread this information (if ever there was a time to Twitter— this is it) and come November… don’t vote!!!  It’s as simple as this: “Research, weigh and react”.  It’s what’s known as an informed decision.

4 thoughts on “Boycott the Ballot! “The Solution”(?) Let’s make this “viral”!

  1. At first I started not to read this (or even the link to the other story) but I’m glad I did! This is a very interesting concept. And Clint (in the other link) is a real straight shooter! Good partnering between the two blogs! You both have inspired me to “research, weigh and react”! I like that by the way. Good post and thank you for your efforts. Keep it up!!

  2. Hello! And thank you for the kind words!! We just want to get the word out to as many as we can. We happen to think it’s a pretty solid idea. Feel free to utilize the link to this story. Our goal is to get as many people as possible to read and comprehend what a big deal this can be. Thanks again for stopping by.


    • Thank you for your comment on my blog toptruth.wordpress.com.

      I agree with some of what you say and I would like to congratulate you on expressing your views and inspiring others. However, I must respectfully disagree with the premise of a ‘ballot boycott’.

      Firstly I beileive this is exactly what they want you to do. Voter apathy is Big Governments best freind. Unless you are a mindless dependent they dont want you to vote. Giving up your right to vote freely is simply empowering the very forces you seek to eliminate.

      Secondly, you will never get more that 20% of voters to stay home, the media will not cover it and nobody will even notice. Maybe if you showed up at polling places and protested with an organized write in or something to that effect you might get noticed. I think if you insist on this movement you should strongly consider these options.

      Lastly I think you should consider supporting a 3rd party. Many Many Many Americans from both partys will be looking very closely at independents and 3rd party candidates in the years that follow, Now is the time to find candidates you can really get behind. The political winds are blowing towards a new paradigm, this ocuntry will reject Big Government Tyranny as long as we all stay involved.

      The powers that be have underestimated us. We are MUCH MUCH smarter than they think. I beleive now is the time to reject the two party system and make a push for limited government. I think you are savvy to recognize that we need a new movement. Your heart is in the right place…Think about it…
      Is there a more pro-active way you could get your message out?

      Be well,

      • Hi there! You raise some interesting points indeed. One of the primary reasons I feel like ‘not voting’ could be an answer is because our electronic voting machines are easy to sabotage. That was proven shortly after they were installed. In addition, there doesn’t seem to be any ability to gain external oversight into how these machines actually operate. Diebold is not willing to disclose anything other than they will “certify” that there machines are an “honest” way of capturing the public’s true votes. You have to check out a documentary called; “Hacking Democracy”– it was a real eye opener.

        I do like the 3rd party suggestion, but… at this point, who can we really trust? I like the way Ron Paul talks (for example), but I have seen some of his hand shakes with others on camera or in a picture. And every now and then, he’s done the masonic handshakes too. I also like Ralph Nadar, but… again, after the many years of deception by our public “officials”, I’m left to wonder can we trust any of them now?

        And I do agree, there are many people who are smart enough to discern, but there are many, many more who just can see this deception. A prime example of that are the many who are voluntarily being injected with the swine flu vaccines right now as well as the many who’ve been getting the annual flu shots. It never made since to me that if you’re being vaccinated not to get the flu, but as soon as they receive their flu shots a few days later, they actually get the flu. The ‘experts’ tell the public that you will get sick after your flu shot, but that it will boost the immune system. Well, if that is true, then why (as a child) when I received the polio vaccine, did I not get polio? But masses of people have excepted that illogical explanation blindly (unfortunately).

        I also agree that a large group of us are aware of the impending tyranny, but I do think they (our officials) have been quietly preparing for the potential civil unrest. If you go to google, click on maps and type in Fema Camps in the U.S., you’ll be amazed at how many pop up throughout this country. These camps are not set up for actual criminals either because if they were, I tend to think they would have shuffled some of our over crowed prisoners to those centers. They are fully staffed and 100% operational— all that’s left is for them to be filled. I wish I could find a solution since I’ve been able to connect the dots of the situation, but I’m still at a loss. There are lots of blogs and websites devoted to waking up the masses, but I’m not finding anyone with an answer to this problem– that is one of the reasons why the “Boycott the Ballot” article actually seems like a good start to me. Still seeking a pro-active way to get the message out… I just hope there is someone out there with an answer to this serious problem. I still believe that with any problem, there is a solution. You’ve definitely given me some things to think about (and I appreciate that). Take care and keep up the fight!

        Peace and safety to you,
        Why O’ Why

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