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Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize… (just got a little deeper)

SOURCE: Realityblogger.wordpress.com.    When Obama was given this prestigious award this week, it ruffled a few feathers out there for some people who have a healthy skepticism.  My initial problem with this was simply the deadline for submission of candidates, which is February 1st.  Since Obama had only been in office 11 days, I too, questioned the fairness of his nomination.  The Nobel Peace Prize is based on accomplishments, not what one might accomplish (at least that is the premise).  When I received a link on the subject, I took a look.  I was actually surprised that I was able to confirm that the below exchange took place. [NOTE: He was not referring to Obama.]  Here’s a portion of what I read:

******************************************* START ******************************************************

To: comments@nobelprize.org
Date: Wednesday, July 1, 2009, 7:51 PM


I have two questions I would greatly appreciate an answer to for a school project:

1) Has there ever been a case where, after earning a Nobel Prize, the prize was withdrawn due to dishonesty or fraud in the earning of said prize?

2) How was this acknowledged, and what would be the process for this to take place. (i.e. petitions, court case, vote, etc…)

I thank you for your time and consideration.


From: Sofia Bryngelson via RT <comments@nobelprize.org>
Subject: [nobelprize.org #3414] Help with questions…
Date: Friday, July 3, 2009, 1:25 AM


Thank you for your interest in the Nobel Prize.

No, it is not possible to revoke a Nobel Prize, according the the statues of the Nobel Foundation § 10:

No appeals may be made against the decision of a prize-awarding body with regard to the award of a prize.

Proposals received for the award of a prize, and investigations and opinions concerning the award of a prize, may not be divulged. Should divergent opinions have been expressed in connection with the decisionof a prize-awarding body concerning the award of a prize, this may not be included in the record or otherwise divulged.

A prize-awarding body may, however, after due consideration in each individual case, permit access to material which formed the basis for the evaluation and decision concerning a prize, for purposes of research in intellectual history. Such permission may not, however, be granted until at least 50 years have elapsed after the date on which the decision in question was made.

Yours sincerely,

Sofia Bryngelson
Marketing and Communications Assistant


To: comments@nobelprize.org c/o Sofia Bryngelson
Friday, July 3, 2009 4:44 PM

Hello Mrs. Bryngelson, and thank you for your timely response.

In regards to your answers to my previous questions, may I interpret your response as meaning – The Nobel Prize organization, if and when confronted with overwhelming evidence, obvious visual proof, or blatantly plagiarized writings or lies in regards to the qualifications and merits in the earning and bestowing of a past Nobel Prize, would not reconsider, convene a board to reconsider, or even mention to the public that the prize awarded was in fact earned under false pretenses, not merited, plagiarized, or was based on half-truths and lies?

And, if this is the case, what could possibly be a logical, reasonable, moral, or fiduciary  explanation for such behavior from a most respected organization?

As an organization with such uncompromisingly high standards of fiduciary responsibility to the world, I would be extremely disheartened with this organization which I have held in such high esteem for as long as I can remember if the above statements are indeed true.

This being said, the Nobel Prize surely represents the body of work of a person or group, and not the person alone. Therefore, if the “work” is proven to be contaminated or false after the prize is bestowed, surely the Nobel Prize committee would strive to keep it’s name in good standing as the premier academic amalgamate of our time by denouncing an award given under false or malevolent pretenses?

Again, your response to these inquiries is welcomed and eagerly anticipated.

Thank you,

Clint Richardson… a concerned citizen of the United States.

*********************************************** END ************************************************

According to his blog, there has been no follow up.  Well, I wanted to verify the name of the staff member that this citizen received that reply from (I honestly didn’t think it would be possible).  Much to my surprise, it was easier than I thought.  And here’s some proof for you guys too:  http://nobelprize.org/nobelweb/staff/.  And for shits and giggles, check out this headline:  “D. Carleton Gajdusek dies at 85; Nobel Prize winner identified “exotic disease”, was unrepentant pedophile”.  You can google that one easily.  Here’s a picture of the creep:


Oh yeah, one last thing, that “exotic disease” he discovered is called “kuru”, an incurable degenerative neurological disorder.  Here’s what’s interesting about that… kuru can be found in one of the many vaccines that are injected into the public.  I keep saying it’s time to get involved, take action.  Well, that concerned citizen who’s emails you just read, came up with one of the best ideas I ever heard to affect real change.  You know how sometimes the answer is so easy, you can overlook it as a possibility?  Well, that’s what his brilliant suggestion is!  To take a gander, you’ll have to pop over to his site.  And if you don’t find his piece on that enlightening AND a fantastic read, you can cuss my azz out in the comments!  You can find the article here: http://realitybloger.wordpress.com/2009/09/28/don%e2%80%99t-rock-the-vote-boycott-it/.  [NOTE: A little long, but well worth the read.  He lists many famous quotes at the end, you can read those at leisure of course.]  Man… he really breaks down all of the many issues we currently face, as well as a simple solution in such a direct and cool azz way!  You’re gonna’ love this guy!

4 thoughts on “Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize… (just got a little deeper)

  1. This is very interesting! Especially knowing that they won’t allow any public examination for 50 years after the date. I was very happy about him winning at first, but now I understand why so many people are upset about this. I feel very let down. Good post— I know I’ll be returning! Thanks.

  2. Hi sdobson10! I’m not sure how I missed this a few days ago, but glad someone chimmed in on it. This is just another confirmation that all things are tied to one another (in my opinion). That 50 year clause is very suspicious along with the fact that their committee will not revoke this award even when proven to be based on fraud. Disappointed is not strong enough to describe my thoughts on this. It seems that most of what we’ve known is just a hoax. Thanks again for stopping by. Take care.

  3. This is absurd!!! I was happy about Obama receiving the peace prize at first, but this sheds new light. A pedophile received a Nobel Peace Prize and the committee won’t retract it even when the truth is before them? I now look at this “honor” in a new way. It’s worthless.

    And you guys are right, that reality blogger person (the link) is a true scholar!! I booked marked that site too. This shit is deep. Can I say “shit” here? Ok… I paused for a moment to look at your “About Us”. I see that profanity is okay if your over 18.

    • Hahaha… yes, profanity is just fine here!

      Yeah, that prize has lost all credibility with me too. It has made a mockery of real peace leaders with his award. And if the prize is based on your accomplishments, how can he be nominated in the first place? To accept an award that is supposed to be about peace, how can he continue this bogus ass war? Isn’t that an oxymoron? It’s a disgrace.

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