(MWJ) Mid-Week Jam / Feel Good Friday (FGF) / FGF- Feel Good Fridays / Mid-Week Jams / Music

An announcement… (“MWJ’s” – Mid-Week Jams and “FGF’s” – Feel Good Fridays)

We (our little group here) have had this discussion for nearly two weeks.  Although this is a very difficult decision to make, we (the “Why O’ Why” team) has decided to suspend our musical postings indefinitely.  There are so many extremely important pieces of information that is being disclosed to us now, we feel, that this space, is better served with that information, first.  We basically did a “toss-up” between posting some humor vs. music.  Well… we decided a little humor from time to time, is best.  We might post music as needed (music with true meaning) with a few postings, periodically.  See this posting to indicate that:  How many “firsts” will it take? (Part 1).

In the meantime, you guys can still find the archived musical postings we’ve made here, by using our search tool.  Simply type in MWJ or FGF.  Since we really love music like we do , we will not take those previous postings down (in the interest of preserving space).  We sure hope you’ll enjoy our past (widely diverse) musical selections too.  Again, this was really a tough decision, you guys.  We certainly hope everyone will continue to stop by (leave your comments when you feel it), and just resolve to read what we will expose in the coming days, weeks and months.  So on that note… we’ve chosen a few songs that may indicate our new path of postings.  Reminicent of days gone by?  Of course (because we really do like “old school” tunes).  We’ve chosen these songs because we do think there are a few words in each of these tunes we’ve chosen (for this post), that may give a hint to the slightly new direction we feel we must detour.  The humor (from time to time, again) will remain.  But… time really is of the essence now, folks.

So… this is a [funky] cool tribute to our musical “funs”.  It’s a “tip of our hats” to those [jamming and slamming] days gone by.  We really did dig deep, to give you a wide selections for this “exit type” of music posting (which we normally do on Wed & Fri).  Until we pick this up again… enjoy these jams.   This posting really is for YOU, “fellow people”.  They will be in random order and with a short comment… so really, do enjoy!  Here we go:

We couldn’t leave out “Slick Rick”… we too, are “Bustin’ Out”…

… nor, could we exclude his ex-girlfriend from back in the day.  She really did have the “chops”!  Tiny little thing that she is, she had wind-pipes like a wind tunnel!

We certainly couldn’t ingore this group either— this song says alot (to us)!

And then… we have simply “gotta’ go here” and add this one (since we’re playing nostalgia)…

We realize you’ll never expect this song from us, but— we can’t deny, this one will remain one of our favorites.  It was a real struggle to decide between a live performance or a recording from this artist.  So, we hope you’ll enjoy this one too!

Finally, we’ll close this posting with this one.  Although the hype “front man” is a total joke these days, we will never forget the voice behind this group— Chuck D!  He was a true “soldier” and ahead of his time 4-sho!!

Again, this is a temporary suspension of our musical postings.  We’d really like to resume this soon, but we have to prioritize things now (while we can).  Enjoy, peace and “GROOVY-NESS” TO YOU ALL!

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