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How many “firsts” will it take? (Part 1)

We’ve been waiting for the right time to post this piece, and that time has finally come.  There is no better time for this than now because of the brutal beating death of a young honor student,  Derrion Albert, 16, in Chicago by four young black teens.  Three of the four, are pictured below. ** UPDATE ** Notice what was just brought to our attention, almost the same name is used in the latter images of the accused culprits (Riley/Bailey).   Could that be fictitious? I hope that is not the case.  With each search, the images and data we found, are all the same (thus far).  We will keep the images posted within this piece, but a note to how some media outlets can distort fact from fiction.  We are adding an image of Derrion (the first image you’ll see first), as this is very poignant.  Who can really determine what an honor student actually should look like?  Derrion certainly looked like a young teenager with hopes and dreams to me.  But, he could have very well been this nation’s next greatest biologist, surgeon or NASA expert (among the many other options as an honor student).  Unfortunately, we will never know due to the hands of a few very “bad apples”.

Darrion Alber


Since the “first” Black President of The United States (POTUS) was elected in 2008, I’ve been hearing people comment: “now, Black people have no more excuses”.  Well…to that I say, We never have!  President Obama may be the first Black POTUS (humph, the one the populace is aware of), but he’s actually the second Black man to run these United States. Yes, Barack Hussain Obama is the second Black man voted in as our president.  Our first Black president was named John Hanson—a Moor.  I won’t list all of the information on The Moors and how very significant they were, but they are easily researchable.  It may mean doing research the old fashioned way and making a trip to your local library (yes, that requires putting down the Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, et al) but you will find out just who they were as a people.  I must say this as briefly as I can before going forward: John Hanson was the first Black president, long before George Washington.  Yes, George was not the first!!!  As a matter of research, it shows that George was actually our 8th president. As well, our “Independence Day” that we celebrate on July 4th (1776) is not quite accurate. If I’m not mistaken, it was actually around 1781 (and I do welcome being challenged on each statement).

Congress unanimously chose this little-known person named John Hanson to run our country.  He was ‘voted’ in right after the Revolutionary War ended.  Shoot…who wanted to fill those shoes after that war?  The country then faced its own troops who wanted pay for their fight in the war and needed the “necessities of life” they had forgone for their service during that war. Due to angst and discontent, these former troops (along with the masses of the population) were threatening to overthrow the government.  Yes, we definitely understood the U.S. Constitution back then and held close to our Constitutional rights.  Because of that, Congress was literally scrambling for their lives because there was power in our numbers and back then, that had been proven time and time again!  This is gravely similar to the scenario(s) we’re grappling with today… I think everyone would agree that the U.S. is, indeed, in dire straits.  Hmph…if there ever was a good time to put a Black man in the office of President, the 2008 election fit the mold.  On and beneath the surface, this is John Hanson’s experiece all over again.  Allow me to paint a clearer picture with an abbreviated history that we’ve never fully been told…

Hmmm…something actually tells me this a good place to pause.  It’s unfair in a sense, I know, but the short attention span most people have leads me to say “PAUSE HERE”.  So…right now, here’s a tune that should serve as a reminder to all of the people of “colour”, along with anyone who hears the message in this song.   Please listen carefully.  Also as a reminder, NONE of us are “Americans”— all of us are emigrants, in some form or fashion. The only naturalized Americans that my research reveals are American Indians!  This subject will pick-up where it left off when it’s least expected!  In the meantime— again, please listen closely to this song… it applies to us all!

8 thoughts on “How many “firsts” will it take? (Part 1)

  1. Unrelated, but…Obama has won the Nobel Peace Prize! No one has ever been more deserving. And, I am probably more excited than he is right now. Check your news sources for the updates.

  2. Hi Nico! We’ll, I’d be a little more enthused about this if it were at least one year later. I only say that because people are nominated on Feb. 1st… since he’d only been in office for less than 2 weeks, it just sort of gives me pause. It seems to have this underlying political agenda behind it to me. Truly exciting to have a black president, and I think that’s what excites the world, but really, what had he done in less than 2 weeks that was worthy of the nomination? Additionally, two years prior to that, well, he was campaigning for the presidency. It just makes me say, hmmm…

  3. What has President Obama done –even before the election? Gave us HOPE. Just imagine what life would be like if we were now facing another 4 years of the Republican regime. Hope. And, to my recollection, President Obama is the second African-American man to receive this honor. The first, I believe, was the honorable Dr. Martin Luther King. Another man that gave the world a promise of HOPE in a time when it was direly needed –and regardless of his untimely death his legacy continued to inspire hope and courage which no doubt made possible in 2009 the election of the first non-anglo saxon United States of America President. But regardless, of the President’s ethnicity he has proven to be the right man for the job. Bless him, and his family, and we are all very lucky to have him.

  4. Good points, but I was under the impression that the NPP was about accomplishments? MLK worked tirelessly for years to create peace. Desmond Tutu and Nelson Mandela have also been recipients (just an FYI). I hope I won’t be considered a “hater” for this point of view. I would have simply perferred something like this to happen a little ways down the road so that it wouldn’t appear to be a little off putting for some. I know the “right wing” is having a field day with this too.

  5. Nico, while i understand where you’re coming from – believe me, i do – i’d like to recommend that you check out “The Obama Deception”. it’s a video that you can probably go to youtube.com and watch for free, or you can pay (like i did) to watch it or buy it at infowars.com. i saw the video six months ago but even before then my doubts on Obama were quickly adding up. traditionally, presidents have ALWAYS been figureheads (puppets)…and going in, i asked myself “why would that all of a sudden change now?” but before i go on, just let me say this: i am a registered Independent (for whatever that’s worth) but i voted for Obama…as a matter of fact, i – FOR THE FIRST TIME, EVER – financially supported his campaign on several occasions; tears actually welled in my eyes as i watched his inauguration. i say all that to say this: I AM NOT hatin’ on Obama but i do hate ‘The System’ that produced him and supports and directs his actions. look, everything is not always what it seems (or is how it appears)…and oftentimes not. PLEASE, do your own research and become aware of what’s really goin’ on out here. some of it will be ABSOLUTELY unbelievable, and disturbing, but don’t let it scare you because you/We are more powerful (as Human (Beings)) than we’ve been allowed to know– on purpose, for a purpose. I NOW KNOW. that’s all i can really say at this point but i will ask that you look at The Obama Deception, and once you do, pass the word…Being Informed, Together, is Our Saving Grace!!!

    • Hi Stonez! I forgot about “The Obama Deception”. That was a good film.

      And I remember how his win made me feel too! Never really thought I’d live to see that day, but I did! So this dose of reality is a hard pill to swallow for me too. But, I do recognize one thing… our government IS behind the many crisis we face now. That alone, is enough for me to look at things with fresh eyes.

      I know this msg. wasn’t directed towards me, but wanted to chime in to say “i feel ya’ man”.


  6. I’ve read all the conspiray theories. And, I’ve been around long enough to read between the lines. But however you want to look at it, fact is, the proverbial wrench has been thrown in the middle of all that right wing bs that was steam rolling down the road just a few short months ago.

    Btw. Tutu and Mandela are not “African-American” or Negro, as it would have been termed back then describing a black person of African heritage who can trace his roots back to slavery in this country. And, I know some will argue “Obama can’t do that”. But technically he was born in this country and therefor, American of African heritage.

    • “the proverbial wrench has been thrown in the middle of all that right wing bs that was steam rolling down the road just a few short months ago.” Hmmm… I think it’s done just the opposite. Seems the momentum is gaining speed when you see the subject discussed on Faux News or other right wing sources and bloggers out there. I still have a problem with him being nominated only because of the deadline (Feb 1st).

      “Btw. Tutu and Mandela are not “African-American””… I’m not real fond of the term African-American, but that’s a post for another day :), so I look at Tutu and Mandela the same way I look at myself– a descendant of Africa. And are people still talking about whether or not Obama was born in the U.S.?! Good grief!!!

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