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IT’S TIME TO WAKE UP! Here’s what the Patriot Act REALLY does…

Listen to this very, very carefully.  Pay close attention to the (approximate) 2:00 mark… Feingold does a great job of asking or posing the right questions.

Think this can’t happen to you?  Watch this:

People… this is not a joke.   A reminder: do not take the swine flu vaccines either— it has not been tested.  The H1N1 vaccine our government is pushing through media, is not safe.   The research on that claim is readily available right now.  Do your research— please (PLEASE)!!  When the masses yield to that, it will be a “green light” for other events that are in the making.  Ominous, maybe.  Factual— YES!!  Everyone, right now, has the same resources to currently investigate the same information we at “Why O’ Why” is exposing.   Look at the video in this report:  The Swine Flu… A Big Ass Hmmm: Part 2

The “U.S. Patriot Act” is a gateway for the swine flu vaccination preparations that HAVE ALREADY BEEN MADE.   The Patriot Act is also a piece of legislation to make sure its’ purpose is fulfilled (which is to strip away our U.S. Constitution).  You’ve now seen how that works AND it’s purpose in the aforementioned video that’s for sure!  In closing, for the safety of you and all of your loved ones… get involved now to cease this madness!  “In a minute”, will be too late!  AGAIN… TO REITERATE THIS FAMOUS QUOTE:  “When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.”— Sir Author Doyle.  Peace.

2 thoughts on “IT’S TIME TO WAKE UP! Here’s what the Patriot Act REALLY does…

  1. This explains why my cousin has been gone since May 2009 and never seen again! Bogus and trumped up charges. No one will talk to us and they keep telling us we have no rights to assist him.

    I have always wanted to belieive the system was fair. I know it has faults, but I still thought it was fair overall and truth prevails. These two videos demostrate how easily a life can change. For God’s sake… he’s a good kid and never in any trouble.

    I’ve got to log off now, this blog is proving too much for me right now. Too many revelations. I’ll return soon.

    • Oh wow! I’m sorry to hear that your cousin is being affected by this. So many still believe it’s for the ‘terrorists’ without realizing that everyday U.S. citizens have been targeted more than anyone. If Obama wanted to do something to redeem himself, he would toss this Act immediately. The fact that he hasn’t speaks volumes… just another puppet.

      I’m sorry the articles got a little heavy for you too. I guess I never really expected them to hit home for anyone who might read them. My prayers are with your family that this nightmare ends for you all soon. Take care.

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