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[A MUST READ] What is the meaning of these images?

lids on coffins

At first glance the “inventory” appears to be a stockpile of simple containers, yes?  Notice that there are rows and rows of them too.  Well, look at the next image…


Pretty intriguing wouldn’t you agree?  At first glance upon the second image, one could make all sorts of speculation (and rightfully so).   Initially, no one really knew what to make of these “containers” that have been surfacing rather rapidly across the U.S. over the [nearly] past 10 years other than they simply seemed “strange or odd”, at best.  Well, the below video is concurrent with the above images.  The person who shot the video actually found some answers.  I hope you’ll all be just as surprised as I am to discover that these “containers” are being stockpiled by none other than The Center For Disease Control (CDC).  I encourage everyone to listen and watch the video very closely too.  If you’re interested, you can use our search button and simply type in “swine flu” for what we’ve written on that subject, as my first thoughts leaned in that direction.  We only ask that you use your minds while reviewing the video, and do your own research as well.  Since TRUTH can’t be surpressed (once revealed), you should be able to reach a conclusion that will logically make sense for what we are exposing with this posting.  To quote Sir Author Doyle:  “When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.”

16 thoughts on “[A MUST READ] What is the meaning of these images?

  1. I don’t know, Jazz. Seems to me that those container can be used for many things. I’m not denying that humanity will eventually be doomed, but I don’t see something happening yet. Still an eerie video, though.

    Listening: 69 by Pink Mountaintops

  2. I can’t believe that I can connect now, but I’m glad I can, so on with the response here (my friend)…

    I do agree, these “containers” can be used for many things. Without leading anyone to their OWN opinions, I have been privy to some information regarding storage/shipping containers with companies (local and abroad). And these are NOT typical shipping containers (that is for sure). While being scepticle myself, if they are only for local storage, why are the answers for what they will contain so difficult to discover? Or, if they are for abroad (shipping) containers, what would they contain? And then I’m lead to ask, why is the CDC behind leasing “storage space” for them? While attempting NOT to lead anyone to their own ‘conclusion’, why is the CDC (or even FEMA) at the root of these ‘containers’ existance and/or stockpiling?

    Sure hope this posting doesn’t have the “dooms-dayer” feel to it, but we are all about information here. And this information does raise some serious questions. Until we can actually obtain information on what the CDC or even FEMA’s interest is for the stockpiling… I (we at “YOY”) feel duty bound to pose these legitimate queries. “A person who is asleep, will sleep until he’s awakened”. That’s a quote from a very close mentor that I remained in contact with over the years. (believe me— not suggesting YOU are ‘asleep’, but many of us are).

    This posting is not to frighten anyone— it is simply a curious event that deserves some questioning (is our only perspective) Main Stream Media (MSM) IS ignoring this. Lastly, if there is any other reason for this “stockpiling”, then why hasn’t either agency or office offered an explanation? Rhetorical of course— but we did try to gain answers for that query. So far (unfortunately) there has been no reply. As a matter of fact (or a suggestion), you could try their offices on you own. We’d love to hear what the reason is (personally). We’d certainly update this posting as well. We (I’d) love to be very, very wrong about this too. Hey, now you’ve got that in writing, hahaha! I want to be wrong about what this could mean. I “know when to fold” or relinquish that I was mistaken (on any account).

    Hey Wilfredo— thanks for engaging us in this discussion (for real)! I do look forward to any reply you may lend on this subject too. Your cool azz will always remain just that— cool to us here (and me (Jazz) in particular)! 🙂

  3. well look here…i’ma give it to you straight, no chaser: these disposal coffins are for US, those living in america…and quite probably for other peoples around the globe. how many instances must something be labeled a ‘conspiracy theory’ before we connect the dots and see that a majority (if not ALL – i know i’m pushin’ it but…) of these calamities-crises-and corruption(s) are indeed, down-right CONSPIRACY!

    if the sign(s) says “wake up”, that must mean that we, collectively, are asleep. if you are asleep, it becomes quite difficult to be “aware” of what’s happening outside of your immediate-to-distanced space. even further, if you are asleep it is also quite difficult to know what’s happening on the inside of your immediate-to-distanced space, i.e, You. if all of this is the case then ALL of the goings-on in the world have been known mostly by what/who we’ve labeled for the longest as “The Powers That Be”. well why do ‘the powers’ know and we, the masses, do not? the answer lies in the label – Power. and what have those “in power” or with power been known – based on facts – to do with their power? wrong. they have a LONG history of doing things that are WRONG. and let’s be honest with ourselves, the things that are going on in this world – things that many people, now, think are ok (or right) – are still wrong. just look around and see what has changed then ask yourself if the effects of these changes feel “right”.

    i’m on a roll, so forgive me if i ramble but this shit is so, so serious there is not another minute to waste on things that mean no thing. to continue, who has the power? first let me say, it is not the president! yes, he has ‘powers’ but not The Power.

    [sidebar: before i go on, and i’m almost finished, but the One with ALL Power is The Creator, The Universe, The Force, God…i need to state my position on this because ‘The Powers That Be’ have a limited power and are NOT the same. i am with The Creator!!!]

    as i was saying, the president has powers but his powers are given to him from groups (and A Group) that is so-called higher-up than he…and if you are ‘asleep’ you won’t be ‘aware’ of these groups/This Group because you can’t see them (the unseen)…there’s more but i gotta digress at this point, maybe i can come back but i would suggest to everyone that reads this blog, whether you make a comment or not, use the best tool we have right now to ‘wake up’ and combat this– The Internet…if you’re reading this, you’re already using your tool…OPTIMIZE your tool and dig deeper and here’s a start> [search the word “illuminati”] – (don’t let the “unsightlyness” of the site fool you, there is good information) – there’s more – tbc’

    • Thank you for chimming in on this important subject. You and I seem to be on the same page with this subject. I have no critiques or anything to add except I geniunely pray that people will start to see what is happening in plain view. What angers me the most about this situation is that no one is questioning the obvious… why DOES the CDC own these “coffins liners”? That is just a highly suspicious thing for them to do (especially with the hyped dialogue about the swine flu vaccines). There are many locations around the U.S. too. And the name “coffin liners”, also raises another question… if they are larger than an actual coffin, how can they be liners? I don’t know… I just wish people would stop twittering and other bullshit and start to really see what IS happening. It’s like our “officials” have been very effective in teaching the american public not to ask questions anymore. And that to me, is frightening.

      P.S. my apologies for a delayed response— just got the computer back.

  4. damn! *yoy*, ya’ll have one of the better sites on the blogosphere (sp) but nobody comments – wtf?!!! i was expecting to come back to a gang load of comments. it’s beyond me but i’m gonna say my two cents while i’ve still got the breath and blue blood in me to say it. but you know what, i’m not got expend any extra energy to dialogue with myself – for what? -Now is the ‘time’ to be sharing information because no matter where you live, no matter your sex-age-race, whether you’re layed off or working or broke or so-called middle class or rich, the stuff going on right in front of our faces is REAL and if you don’t belong to the 1% in this country/world who control ALL the wealth then you’re in Shit Creek with everybody else…pretty soon if you don’t know what you need to know, you’ll be “up” Shit Creek, up to your head in it~please believe it! seems funny how people were more interested in “1” little girl whose mother is/was abusive than they are about the WHOLE of humanity– we’re literally all in this together! but fuck it, i digress again. oh yeah, thanks *yoy* for the post on the flu shots…hopefully your readers read it because flu shot=robot (i.e., microchipped human) – DON”T DO IT. anyway, peace…

    • Hi Stonez— thanks for the compliment. It is unfortunate that more people don’t leave their thoughts because we do have a steady stream of viewership. It’s a mystery to me other than people view what we expose as “doomsday” type of subjects. But truth is truth. And maybe since we are not a trivial ‘celebrity blog’, it’s a simple testiment to the state of conscienceness in the world today. Again, it is disturbing that more people are not aware of what is happening around them. We won’t stop what we expose though because mainstream media is refusing to report on this type of activity. But… we will continue to pray that people wake up soon because there is a clock that IS ticking. Thanks for checking back on this subject too. Peace.

    • This is crazy….first of all granted the government may be crooked, but to think they are capable of world domination, and to kill most of us off is just insane. You really think that really could happen? The CDC and the WHO need these coffins incase there is a major catastrophy. That is their business, it is what they do! There is no conspiracy here, and the H1N1 virus has been around at least since 1918, and believed to have existed way before the United States came to be. No one made this virus for a biowar. That would be like Humans invented cancer to kill off millions. There are too many conspiracy theories out there and you are getting too many people freaked out. Now I had to put down my email to post this, so I better not get hate mail for expressing my educated opinion. Last time I looked this is America and I had a right to Free Speech!

      • Alright… first of all calm tha’ heck down. And no one here would ever just throw out someone’s private email because of a difference of opinion. That is absolutely not our style. But, to answer your question, I don’t think they are capable, I know they are and they are quietly “in plain view” doing just that. And you’re right, there is no ‘conspiracy’, just facts. The CDC is the worst culprit with this so called “safe” vaccine bullshit… take a look at this: If there were not something amiss, how do you explain that the pharmaceutical companies have complete immunity? No testing, just shoot everyone up with this so called “vaccines”. You are aware that in 1976 this country saw it’s first “swine flu” scare and failure? I hope that you are aware that there are hidden folks who are behind depopulation to include, Bill Gates– this information is so easy to find too. And you really don’t think that cancer can’t be induced by some ‘man-made efforts’? Go to youtube and search for ‘what’s really in our milk’. This information is not meant to ‘freak anyone out’, it is an genuine effort to wake people up though. To put down all of the unnecessary gadgets, stop playing video games, watching tv and other distractions and start finding the truth. “The CDC and the WHO need these coffins incase there is a major catastrophy.”… just what sort of catastrophe could they be expecting? That statement is certainly evidence that most of the population has been trained/brainwashed into buying any “spin” they create. (I’m still amazed that I can’t get an answer from the CDC on exactly what these coffins could be for… I have contacted them twice so far and they refuse to return my calls.)

        You see, I’ve come to discover that our so called history is a “neatly packaged” charade. Not all, but a huge percentage is just false. We have to erase what we’ve been taught (through THEIR educational systems) and start to dig for the real facts of true history. Look up “Tavistock Institute” and not their site, the real skinny of its intent. And there is one correction I’d like to make, the 1918 influenza was actually called “The Spanish Flu”… an absurd name, but we bought it! You may also find this interesting… when the Patriot Act was put in place, we were “sold” that it was going to protect us from the “terrorist” AKA “Al Qaueda”. Having lived in the Persian Gulf, I discovered that it is an Arabic term for “database”. Take a look at this and see how it’s actually being used: Hey, I realize that people will think that this information is just too far fetched to be true, and personally, I think that is what makes their plans so brilliant. Connecting the dots does take time and lots of research. But they have become so bold now, they don’t even try to hide it at times. Peep this: (although you’ll want to mute the sound). I find it annoying when solid information gets turned into a film production with corny ass music that is distracting. And believe me, I still believe in free speech so I have no problem with a good clean, no name calling or accusatory tones, debate. I think I’ve given enough to get you started… I look forward to hearing back from you too. As I’ve said in one of the piece I written on this topic, don’t let this information frighten you, let it motivate you. Again, I’ve gotta’ quote Sir Arthur Conan Doyle: “When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.

        P.S. you gotta’ peep this too: This should make you FURIOUS! Yeah, a catastrophe is on the verge of happening alright…

    • Thank you for commenting. I’m glad to hear this information was helpful. Stop by anytime as there is certainly more to come on this and similiar subjects. Have a great day.

  5. This is hard to rap my head around. But, I won’t ignore those initials. The “CDC” shows up again! People need to know about these things. Another good post.

    • So glad you’ve stopped by again! We really want to do our best to inform many. Feel free to continue to spread the word (we’d appreciate being kept posted though). This is sooo very important, you know? Take care sdobson10 and stay on the look out for others who are sharing this type of information as well. We are finding the TRUTH is spreading at a higher rate than before now.

      Thanks again and welcome to our family!

  6. This post seems old, but I can assure you. The people who are informing others about this so-called NWO are delusional. Their goal is to be fear into others. Don’t read into it, most of the info you will find is on youtube. Made up by others. Not reliable source. The so called coffin liners are not what they are telling you. It’s really for farm feed and cow manure. If this was government run, then why on earth were they able to video these containers or even those so called fema camps as everyone is saying. Why would the government have these facilities unguarded. Nothing is going to happen, there are way more American citizens than the military and the police combined. It’s our human instinct to protect ourselves. If we were hauled away against our will for no reason and separated from our families we would fight back and if we knew we were taken away and executed then we would fight to the death. If the government were to executed millions if not billions of americans then the government would fall. Our government needs us. They need for all of us to work to pay taxes. That’s why this whole conspiracy isn’t true it could never happen. it’s their goal to put fear into you all. Not me as i don’t believe it, but you all, you all are getting stressed over nothing. These websites that are telling you about NWO are getting paid by sponsors and they have affiliates on their website that pay them to advertise. Wak up.

    • Thanks for your input Chris. While everyone is entitled to their opinions this is based in facts. The only part of your statement that I do agree with is that some of these websites are getting paid to fear monger (Alex Jones and the likes). I wonder if you’re aware of this latest activity… Doesn’t seem like they need us like you think because we’re all being considered threats. History is definitely repeating itself.

      And here’s the list of FEMA camps located across the U.S. I would suggest you locate yours in your state, take a drive and see if you can find “your” future home. I definitely located mine.

      One more thing… check out a book called; “The Creature from Jekyll Island”… our taxes are a FRAUD just like every single ‘politician’.


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