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Mid-Week Jam (MWJ-Audio Only) Tom Browne

Never been to Jamaica, but… this is another timeless classic!  After this past weeks’ events (political, 9/11, et al), we simply want everyone to get prepared for their Friday.  It’s well deserved that’s for certain!  Shoot— our musical postings is all about cool azz grooves (at least from our perspective).   So… let your hair down and enjoy yourselves today.  Only 2 more days before the weekend!  Be warned though… this one does chop off (slightly) at the end, but dammit son— it DOES “fit our sway”!  So, happy “MWJ” and I dare you not to dance to this tune!  (LOL!)  Thanks SunnyC for the suggestion.

2 thoughts on “Mid-Week Jam (MWJ-Audio Only) Tom Browne

  1. Daaaaaamn! I’ve forgotten all about this song! That was so wrong of me! What a fun song! My sisters and I used to listen to it as a kid.

    • I’m sooooo glad you liked it! Feels like there are not enough weeks in the year for me to get all the songs in that I want to. You won’t see Friday’s selection coming either (wink)!

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