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Ill. teacher accused of giving girls alcohol, pot

FOX LAKE, Ill. – A northern Illinois teacher faces felony charges after allegedly giving two teenage girls marijuana, alcohol and prescription drugs in exchange for work around her home. Kym Krocza was arrested Tuesday on charges of contributing to the delinquency of a minor. She is free on bond. Lake County authorities said the girls attend Grant High School in Fox Lake, where the 41-year-old Krocza teaches algebra and calculus. She’s been suspended from the school. Police said Krocza met the girls in her neighborhood before they started attending Grant High and approached them about helping her with laundry and cleaning. In exchange, she allegedly gave them pot, alcohol and Zoloft, an antidepressant.  A message left at Krocza’s home wasn’t immediately returned Wednesday.  SOURCE: Associated Press

Wow!  Whatever happened to the “old” school marms with the buns and glasses?  Man— I’m so glad I’m no longer in school.  First, teachers are “boning students” and now they are drug dealing, alcohol giving hustlers!!! No wonder our students are no longer competitive with the rest of the world.  I’m also “tripping out” that all she got was suspension and not terminated.

4 thoughts on “Ill. teacher accused of giving girls alcohol, pot

  1. Silly teacher. She could’ve just given them money and let them buy whatever they wanted. Not very calculating of her.

    Listening: Bootzilla by Bootsy Collins

    • That’s what I was thinking… why not just let them make their own decision on that instead putting herself in this messed up situation? Dumb, dumb, dumb…

      And did you really think I’d need to know who made Bootzilla (baby)? LOL. You gotta know that Bootsy Collins is totally a part of my music collection! (wink, wink)

  2. Oh, I know that you know who Bootsy is! It’s for the sake of the new readers.

    Listening: Son Cubano by Zap Mama*
    *Barely. It’s pouring down over here, and I have an aluminum roof!

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