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An embarressing few days indeed…

First Joe Wilson (Republican) acts like a child with an unbelievably disrespectful outburst as President Obama addresses Congress and now Assemblyman Mike Duvall (also a Republican) was caught on tape talking about his sexual conquest with a couple of lobbyists.   Tsk, tsk.  Sounds like our “officials” just fuck around or have temper tantrums instead taking care of business.

Check out old “freaky-deaky” Duvall bragging like a teenage boy…

4 thoughts on “An embarressing few days indeed…

  1. Respectfully a slight correction: Duvall’s incident happened before the Wilson incident. It has been a disgraceful day for the Repugnants, hasn’t it? Tsk.
    Regarding the Duvall, can you imagine being his colleague and him talking all that unsolicited shit? Unfortunately, I’ve met waaay too many people like that! What’s sad and funny, is that ol’ Mikey D. really convinced himself that the women really wanted him for his sexiness, hahahahahaha!

    Listening: Wicked Little Town from Hedwig and the Angry Inch

    • Hi there! Thanks for the correction. Damn computer again! I may actually have to send it in.

      And man… he was talking as if he was getting this extra play like he was a stud muffin. Completely delusional. I’ve been saying for a while, everything sector of our government (local etc,) just needs a complete overhaul. The entire system has become a complete disgrace, creating more problems than it’s seems to solve.

  2. I hate to say it, dear, but humanity needs an overhaul! Now Duvall is claiming that he made all of that up. So, if he’s not an adulterer, then he’s a liar. That’s quite the pickle he’s in!
    The good news is that now Wilson is being debunked. And now that Cantor got caught texting on his Blueberry, when he said that he would listen carefully to Obama’s speech, it gives the appearance that the GOP don’t listen for shit. LOL!
    Hey, good luck with the computer. I think I’ll be going to the beach tomorrow, but not before I catch what UK group you’ll be featuring.
    Listening: The Past is a Grotesque Animal by Of Montreal
    (Another great title!)

    • “Now Duvall is claiming that he made all of that up. So, if he’s not an adulterer, then he’s a liar. That’s quite the pickle he’s in!” I can’t do anything but laugh at that shit. He must be on some new crack or something, because that was a really dumb thing for him to say. “humanity needs an overhaul”. Thought I was the only one to think that too! And I saw Cantor’s ass too. It’s like how can they critize him when it’s clear they are not even listening to the guy. Just shameful.

      And I will definitely post that early in the morning for ya’ just in case computer decides to act up again. Have fun at the beach man.

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