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The President’s Speech to our children on 9/8/09

I’m so glad this day has come AND past.  The “hoopla” over this speech is just, in a word, shameful.  Everyone who made so many speculations over this speech to our children should really begin to re-examine their reasons for being opposed to it in first place.   While I do watch closely what our current administration is doing or not doing and saying— I never doubted that our President’s speech would be less than positive.  Before being the President, he’s still a father.  I mean really… what did you think he was going to address?  Did you think he was going to say to our kids; “Children of America… kill your parents” or something?  Be honest about your speculative opposition before you’ve even heard what he had to say.   This behavior speaks to the underlying ground swell of racism that is rising to the surface.  Racism still very clearly exists within this country.  We should all be embarressed by our behavior in this country now.  Where was all of the speculation with our former administration?   The same adminstration that has our young sons and daughter fighting a “war” that has never been substantiated.  Remember?  We began the war in the Persian Gulf after 9/11 because of Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD), because “they” were certain of who and where the culprits originated from.  But we have found that there never were WMD’s in that part of the world.  Shameful, just shameful!  Below is the highlight of yesterday’s speech to our children.  I watched it in full as I hope most of our readers did, so this is only the short version of that “frightful” speech that so many feared.  Again, shameful that so many “worried” what he’d say to OUR CHILDREN. 

My ONLY opposition to what he said in yesterday’s speech was this… “Where you are today, does not determine where you’ll end up because this is America“.  Well, I’d prefer to quote what William Ernest Henley had to say; “I am the master of my fate; I am the captain of my soul”— there’s no reference to where you are in this big world of ours.  We are all on the very same journey in this life and we all have an individual responsibility to that end no matter where you start in life.

2 thoughts on “The President’s Speech to our children on 9/8/09

  1. Of course, I agree with you! I’ve said my piece in the OTHER blog. I could’ve said more, but then I would’ve ended up crying out for blood, so I left it at that.

    Listening: Full House by Kate Bush

    • I feel you, man! I wanted to post it earlier, but I couldn’t find a youtube to attach (i only know to attach video from youtube, unfortunately). i’m just glad the day has finally come. I really am amazed at the behavior that is happening in this country right now.

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