The DYSFUNCTION of Jon & Kate…


Okay… I’ve held back an opinion on this for a long time now.  I still have reservations on offering an opinion now (plus this is not the type of stuff we write about here).  But I too, am guilty of viewing the show: “Jon and Kate plus 8”.  I first viewed this show due to having surgery, recovery, physical therapy and all.  Out of shear boredom, being immobile and such… I was introduced to this show and fell in love with Colin and Alexis (pictured above).  Aside from the aforementioned, I found the children (who was my main focus) to be irresistable… so I watched.   What I did notice immediately was the mother (Kate), seemed to be a dictator on more than one occassion.  She emasculated her husband regularly too.  Jon (the dad) seem to want to appease, just get along for the sake of the children and spineless to a degree.  But how would he look if he dished out the same thing that she was dishing, on national television?  He’d look cruel, mean or uncaring.  Yes, he was too docile though.  Not encouraging men to be vicious strong holds in a family, but I did feel he was laying himself aside— if only for the sake of his children (and cameras). 

I watched his interview last night and even though I don’t agree that he said he despised Kate (the mother of his children) on national television, he struck me as a person who’s had enough.  Some men can be mentally abused in a relationship just like women.  I’m glad he has finally gotten away from Kate because she does seem quite selfish and self-absorbed.  Someone pointed out something about her that hit the nail on the head…

Two of the kids came in to ask their mother something in the sometimes loud way that kids can when sibilings at that age (I think they are 5 years old) are “arguing”, and her azz shoves them away!  She then turns and looks at the camera in disgust as if she’s extremely annoyed!  Did she forget that the only reason she has a show is because of these very kids?   Some advice for Jon, do your thing man, just don’t get caught drunk or high to further embarress yourself or your kids one day.   But I’m glad they have dissolved their dysfunctional marriage.  I think the kids will be just fine (eventually).  I can’t even watch the show anymore because of Kate’s mean azz.  I think they should pull the show for the sake of the kids, but Kate’s love of money won’t allow her to think of the very children who’s made her a “household name”.  Kate— you get our “Attaboy Stanley Award” from Why O’ Why.

4 thoughts on “The DYSFUNCTION of Jon & Kate…

  1. Hey, I’m sorry you went through some kind of shit storm there, but I won’t press.
    I don’t think it’s cool that Jon, on an interview, speaks ill of the mother of his children, even though there’s every appearance that she is what he claims she is. Not cool at all.

    Currently listening to Mala Vida by Gogol Bordello*

    *Trying out that new thing (for me) about the songs.

    • Hey it’s cool— I’m good and have 90% mobility back. And
      agreed– Jon should not have said that about the mother of his children. I just checked out “Mala Vida by Gogol Bordello”… not sure that it’s me, but interesting. I do like your versatility though. You strike me as a person who played music at some point. Usually people like us, are open to all forms of music. Played violin, piano and clarinet myself…

  2. jazz, how I wish I played some kind of instrument! I just have a pretty good ear, is all.
    Mala Vida was the absolute appropriate song for the post. “You have given me a bad life,” the song says. That seems to have been Jon all over.
    Wow, 90%. You are a mystery woman!
    Current song: Everything Merges With The Night by Brian Eno.
    Love that title!

    • Mystery woman? Naw, not really— shit happens, you know? It was an injury to my wrist and shoulder is all. It has only made yoga more challenging so I’m grateful that I can still do those things!

      On the cool, I’m just glad I had the dad I did. He’d say and I quote, “take it (life) all in, question and discover”— truth reveals itself eventually”.

      I am surprised that you didn’t play any instruments though— because you do have a good ear for all forms of music. And yes, the title fits for Jon’s situation. I continue to hope the best for his family too because of those adorable kids they both have. I even wish ole’ mean azz Kate, the best! LOL!!

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