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In love with a stripper: When corporations target young girls!


You know… there are so many foul things happening right now, I’m just really sick of it!  But this here, I mean I can hardly form the words to express my rage!!!  I sort of blame that loud mouth uncouth little girl, Miley Cyrus or whatever that little heifers name is.  I usually do not refer to children that way, but it’s clear to me that she’s running her family because she’s their cash cow– they give her too much freedom.  First she’s posing like a grown woman in a magazine while being partially dressed, and then she’s pole dancing at a some kid’s awards show!  Plus her tacky ass dad allows her to date a man who is 20 years old while she’s only 15!!!  WTF!!!  Alright… you can follow this link: for the full story.  I’ll let Tolu Olorunda, the author of this article, break this shit down for you.  He certainly dissects this outrageousness more eloquently than I can right now.  Man— I need a drink after this!  It’s like they are teaching our daughters to only think of themselves as sexual objects or something.  What’s the age group for this “toy” anyway?  It appears that they are not even targeting teens with this crap!!!!   Parents really should be thoroughly vexed by this!!!  Is it too early for a damn drink?!!!  UGH!!!

4 thoughts on “In love with a stripper: When corporations target young girls!

  1. (sigh) That toy really has been a long time coming, but it doesn’t mean that I’m not shocked by it, anyway.
    I’m giving two weeks notice from humanity, btw. Folks will accost other people for complaining about their lack of affordable health care, Harry Potter books are considered satanic, but the free market can put dolls out like that.
    Hey, pedophiles stuff too, right?

    • You are soooo right! Especially on the Harry Potter thing! I guess I should have seen this coming, but I honestly AM blind-sided by it. I’m beginning to think that the vast majority doesn’t believe that Hell [potentially] exists.

  2. I’m actually an atheist, but I sometimes wish I weren’t so that I can believe in a hell, and take comfort whenever I see such atrocities.

    • Hey… I feel you man. Not sure that hell exists of course, but there has to be some consequence for the bad things so many people do.

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