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Feel Good Fridays (FGF-A): Joe

We’ve been feeling somewhat restricted with our music selections.  We’ve been informed that readers like a visual when they check out music.  I personally want to challenge that!  Who needs a visual when the recording  starts and ends the way they should be (smooth, clear or doesn’t end so abruptly).   So with that in mind, we are posting this song (to follow up on the Shaggy post/MWJ this week).  Because we actually do really love music (good music) so much, we want to find the best recordings for any song that is posted by Why O’ Why.  Janedoh made a suggestion, but I hesitated based on that initial research.  So from here on, we’re going with our gut!  Visuals if we can find it, but if not, good audio is our main thing!  We sincerely hope you’ll like our pick today as well. 

Our simple system will be MWJ/FGF-V, which means “video” included or MWJ/FGF-A, which means “audio” only.  We want you to groove to jams as much as we do!  There is a reason why we chose Wednesdays and Fridays to post music.  We hope you’ll feel it too!  Happy Friday all!

2 thoughts on “Feel Good Fridays (FGF-A): Joe

  1. I’m one of those folks that prefer his music without visuals. I feel that the visual distracts from the audio, and thus takes away from the artist and focuses more on the director of the video. Now don’t get me wrong, I’ve enjoyed plenty of videos, many of Peter Gabriel’s, for example, but this if after I know the song.
    Sorry that my comment is a little incoherent, but I just woke up, and I’m trying to wake up before my run.

    • Hi Wilfredo! This was well said for sure! I totally feel you too. And you may even get yet another dedication cuz, Peter Gabriel— I totally forgot about him! (smiles)

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