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Swine Flu… A Big Ass Hmmm: Part 3

Childrens H1n1 Vaccine Study

Picking up where we left off… remember back in 1976 when people fell ill or died as a result of vaccines from the 1976 Swine Flu scare, and several lawsuits that surfaced?  There’s a reason why you will have no legal recourse should death or ailment happen to you or your loved ones now– complete immunity for the medical industry!  And the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) has also documented that a 3 out of 10 success rate is just fine by them under this current inoculation attempt.  The PDF we posted yesterday ( http://www.theoneclickgroup.co.uk/documents/vaccines/Baxter%20Vaccine%20Patent%20Application.pdf) shows the patent for this swine flu vaccine was only filed back in August 2008 which actually proves that no clinical trials have been underway.   I think that’s pretty bold.  And that leads me back to just a few things in that Swine Flu Conference brochure that I wanted to point out:

1)      When H1N1 flu pandemic unfold in two or three successive waves in a calendar year.   Hmmm  Since the first “wave of  this virus” has not thoroughly completed its’ course, how is a determination being assessed for that “successive wave” in a “calendar year”?  It’s been reported (but I could not conclusively confirm) that there will be more than one vaccine shot for this current Swine Flu.  Did you really think you’ll only receive one (experimental) shot?  Please remember that we asked this as well.  There WILL be a follow up shot/vaccine and possibly a third.  If the public accepts this now, there will be more.

2)      Enforce quarantines.  Really?  How is it known that there will be the need to prepare for quarantine before the statistics are in?  As stated in the International Swine Flu Conference (their own brochure) “two or three successives waves”,  aren’t we only in the first wave?  Please tell me if I’m wrong to interpret their statement in this manner… I truly want to be wrong!

3)      Plan for 30-40 percent drop in labor force. WOW!!  How in the world could that be calculated when this is a “new” virus?  They really are banking on us all being “dumb as a bag of rocks”!  I personally find that extremely insulting.

4)      Train teachers to screen for symptoms & know what to do when students / teachers fall ill.  Okay—since when does a degreed teacher get a free license to become an expert in the medical field?

5)      Transport ill students.  YIKES!  Under who’s authority and consent?  Doesn’t sound like parents will be involved when this happens to your children.  And just where are “they” transporting the “students” (AKA your kids) and for how long?  Please keep in mind what I mentioned earlier—people fell ill or died under the first attempt to inoculate the population for Swine Flu.  Your child could easily die without you being there.  I put that statement in here to scare the shit out each parent out there for a reason—this threat is VERY REAL, folks.  If most parents love their children like I think that they do— they will not allow this occur.

6)      Control & diffuse social unrest & public disorder.  Now why would “they” make preparation for something like this unless they know that a significant portion of the population is aware of what bullshit smells like?!!! “Social unrest” is a very suspicious term to convey their concerns, wouldn’t you agree?  Social unrest is a direct correlation to public dissent towards [false] authority.

I will always say that I’m no Rhodes Scholar, but when you take the time to do a little research on the current state of affairs, read it a few times or so, you begin to see that there is something happening  just beneath the surface.  It’s just enough to make you want to dig a little deeper.  If it can make sense to me, it can make sense to anyone!  I look at like the very first time I read the Bible from beginning to end—some language was clear, but there were several parts that forced me to do some research so that I could understand the terminology which in turn lead to comprehension. 

I don’t want to fail to mention a few other things discovered during the extensive research I did.   60% of all doctors (worldwide) are refusing to take this vaccine.  It’s apparent that trial testing hasn’t been completed and there are lots of doctors who are aware of this because the majority is saying “no” to this effort.  And then there’s what’s happening in Massachusetts recently (Bill 2028 proposed to the Senate)… that state  is actually working to implement Martial Law under this false Swine Flu pandemic!  If it weren’t for the $1,000 fine per day if you refuse being quarantined, along with 30 days in jail, I would not feel this way.  But check out this clip from 4 months ago for yourself:

Additionally, I found a link that lists a page to print out a waiver form for exclusion of a mandatory inoculation.  If your state/city is not listed, you should do everything you can for the forms in your area to be included because that should exist for every state.  You’ll find that link here: http://noshot.org/.  When you get to that link, just click on the right grid that says: “Vaccination Exemption Forms”.  The states are in alpha order so you should be able to scroll through to find your state.  It’s really fascinating how vastily different all of these forms (and information) can be from state to state.  Seems that the populace should call for a uniformed form to solve this inconsistency within each state— in my humble assessment.  Really… how hard can that be to make it one form or in one language?!  I know that in my state, it is clear and simple.

In closing, I’ll never make any apologies for what we write about as it pertains to our government, so called “policy makers”, police, health officials and the likes.  We, as citizens, are suppose to question authority because without THAT freedom, we are, “in affect”,  living in a time that democracy, free speech or excercising our constitutional rights, no longer exists!!!  Do not be afraid to explore or inquire,  Our lives as we know it, are being challenged every day in very subtle ways, especially within these current times.  I will always maintain; “There is power in numbers”!  We (the populace) truly outnumber the “powers that be”.  THEY CANNOT PREVAIL WHEN WE UNITE!  It’s really time to GET BUSY and discover the truth of what is happening now!  And if nothing else, think of your children or grandchildren if you don’t become involved!  Allow THAT to be your motivator!  I personally will not stand by silently!  Organization is key– not violence, of course.  No one will do this effort any good if they are locked away in prison.  Familiarize yourself (again) with the Constitution, Bill of Rights and the many Amendments that have occurred while we weren’t watching.  Again… there needs to be a balance between; Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, IPods and the many other distractions that hender us from observing what IS happening within our view.   Since we are being side-tracked by our technologies, versus the many important things that are happening at the same time— can we all agree that we should look more closely and question our authorites?!  There are so many things happening now,  because we are not truly focused.  Now… that’s my very humble opinion.  I cannot stress enough… this is NOT a game, folks.

“The Captain of this ship”– Why O’ Why 

2 thoughts on “Swine Flu… A Big Ass Hmmm: Part 3

  1. The word is about, there’s something evolving
    Whatever may come, the world keeps revolving
    They say the next big thing is here
    That the revolution’s near
    But to me it seems quite clear
    That it’s all just a little bit
    of history repeating …..

    And I’ve seen it before
    And I’ll see it again
    Yes I’ve seen it before
    Just little bits of history repeating

    [song: History Repeating, Shirley Bassey]

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