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The Swine Flu… A Big Ass Hmmm: Part 2


Back in April, we posted a “commentary type” article on the “Swine Flu” (you can find it here: The “Swine” Flu, Part 1: A big ass “HMMM”…).  We said we’d have a part 2, so here it is!   Since this piece is rather long, we’ve decided to break it up into a “Part 3”, which will be posted sometime tomorrow.  I implore you all to read this soon, not because I wrote this, but because I was able to put together the information that will hopefully help you all to make sense of this frightening farce. 

In case you don’t recall, the first cases of Swine Flu surfaced in Mexico back in April of this year.  Media then began “to remember” (sometime afterwards) that there was a scare back in 1976.  It was mentioned, but some important details of that era were hardly acknowledged, if at all.  Well… here are some facts; there were 40+ million Americans that willingly took the vaccine and 4,000 citizens fell ill (victim) to Guillain-Barré Syndrome (an effect to the peripheral nervous system) or died as a result of the vaccination along with other complications.  To me, that is not a good outcome.  Another thing I discovered was there were many lawsuits that came from this debacle of the 70’s (please keep that in mind).  Now here comes a scary part of this.  The patent for the vaccine that is currently being pushed forward onto the public was requested in 2008!  That’s one entire year (Aug 28, 2008) prior this current outbreak!  You can view the patent application here: http://www.theoneclickgroup.co.uk/documents/vaccines/Baxter%20Vaccine%20Patent%20Application.pdf.  When you go to the link, simply look for the company name for the patent AND the date filed (as a starter).  What that means is that the pharmaceutical company (Baxter) was indeed planning ahead for something.  Now… here’s a question for you to ask yourself.  How could there be preparation for a pandemic, when the first Swine Flu case wasn’t reported until April 2009?  There’s more… there was a Swine Flu Conference that took place last year.  Our health officials and government representatives recently (and quietly) held another conference this year in Washington, DC.  This conference was held August 19-21, 2009.  You can view that PDF here: http://www.new-fields.com/isfc/ .  (NOTE: WHEN YOU ENTER THE SITE LINK, CLICK ON THE RED SQUARE THAT SAYS “DOWNLOAD EVENT BROCHURE”).  You’ll want to save or print this file too.  There are some alarming agendas listed within the brochure during this conference (I’ll point out a few shortly). 

Now… hold on to your seats because this is something that I remembered from back in grade school and recently confirmed with my own M.D. (doctor)… Vitamin D is the best way to combat any influenza virus.  Let me repeat that… Vitamin D combats influenza/virus!  You can actually pose this question to your personal doctor too if you hesitate to take my word on that.  As a matter of fact, I encourage you all to do just that.  Ask your doctor about Vitamin D!!! Here is part of my discussion with my doctor:  When is any flu normally on the rise?  Fall and Winter.  There is a decrease during Spring/Summer months (remember that in Mexico, it was April– a.k.a. Spring?) because the days are longer—people are soaking up the sun!  The sun is the perfect source for Vitamin D (by the way)! 

So… if Vitamin D is the best way to combat any type of influenza (along with a balanced diet– sorry, but no fast food is included in this), then why isn’t that part of the any dialogue we are hearing about?  And here’s a little something to think about for “shits and giggles”— have you noticed that we can send a man to the moon, but not one person of “authority” can tell us how swine, bird and human influenza have combined themselves to create a [super] virus?  People have had birds as pets and even pigs as pets but no one ever got sick and there was never a cross-contamination for the longest time.  But now, suspiciously, they are all inter-twinning?  My only conclusion, this is MAN-MADE, folks.  I say that not because I’m paranoid, I say that because now these big pharma companies have complete immunity for this hurriedly inoculation!  Here are two clips from 60 Minutes when they reported the story of the Swine Flu.  I believe this was actually reported in 1979— 1976 was the year the government vaccinated the populuation.  Please note carefully how our government is using the same “scare tactic language” today as they did back then.  They did not test the vaccine then just like they haven’t tested it now!  I did not take the shot then and will refuse to take the shot again.  Proceed with caution before you accept this shot and stay tuned for part 3 which again, will be posted tomorrow… this is really very unnerving, folks!

Here is Part One of the “60 Minutes” report:

Here is Part Two: (NOTE:  Listen carefully to what Dr. Hadwick had to say in this clip.  Also, please note what the actress, Mary Tyler Moore had to say in this clip as well (she was a very popular actress back then…)

Not only am I raising the questions, I will try to offer you a way to protect yourself that is legal and a constitutional right.  As I’ve mentioned before, no one here is an experts, but we do research before we write anything you see on this blog.  We will always say, basically, we are the messengers so please, please, do your research.  The way I view that is, if we can find time to Twitter, Facebook and all— we can find the time to look into serious matters as well.  If you care about your life and the lives of your loved ones, you will apply that freedom.  I truly believe that our modern technologies is a sophisticated way to distract us from issues that are far more important.  To your health!!!!

2 thoughts on “The Swine Flu… A Big Ass Hmmm: Part 2

    • Good to know man. I’m afraid most people are going fall for this bullshit through… just like 46 million did back in the 70’s. People are really clueless. But hey– I’m glad it help. Peace.

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