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Williams sisters looking to buy share of Miami Dolphins!!!!!


NOW THAT’S WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT!!!  Ex-athletes and others– PAY CLOSE ATTENTION!!  Forget the pretend long term wealth plans like product endorsements, i.e.; Nike, water products, stanky azz perfumes or colognes, a clothing line and such… the smart move— invest in a professional team!  One thing I know about sports, is it has a “die-hard” fan base who will not waver in their support of a team or league!  The Williams sisters may have come from the “projects” and worked (hard) their way up and through the ranks (making history at every turn), but they are smart too!  Venus and Serena Williams are looking to buy into an NFL team!  Now that’s fucking astute (from where I sit)!!!  Check out what’s going on with these two keen ladies…

TORONTO (Reuters) – Serena Williams and her sister Venus are in preliminary talks to become part-owners of the NFL’s Miami Dolphins, the 11-time grand slam winner confirmed on Wednesday.  “There have been preliminary talks and hopefully it will work out,” Serena Williams told reporters after her second round win over Kazakhstan’s Yaroslava Shvedova at the Toronto Cup. “That would be a great opportunity for both of us.  “We’ll see what happens, you never know.”  The Williams, who live in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, are not described as big NFL fans but view the Dolphins as a vehicle to promote themselves.  “Venus and I are always trying to expand our brand,” said Williams. “If the opportunity presents itself we would love to see where it can take us”.

If they did acquire a stake in the Dolphins, the Williams sisters would join musicians Jimmy Buffet and Gloria and Emilio Estefan, who became minority partners in the team earlier this year.  Buffett, owner of Margaritaville Enterprises, signed a deal in May, which includes the team’s stadium being renamed after his LandShark Lager beer for the 2009 season.  “Hopefully we’ll be able to expand our brand.”  SOURCE: Reuters 

WAY TO GO LADIES!  Younger than most, but smarter than some well seasoned ex-sports figures that’s for sure!

8 thoughts on “Williams sisters looking to buy share of Miami Dolphins!!!!!

  1. Woof! Love those shoulders!
    I totally concur with you that it is a very astute move. How can you go wrong with Dolphins, I ask you?

    • Well… there you are soldier! Was wonder how you’ve been lately too! And in my opinion, they can’t go wrong!!! 🙂 Really smart move on their part!!!!

  2. I was in NYC visiting my parents. To them, I’m still 13 and they kept feeding me as though I were a growing boy, and now I have another five pounds on me which I have to lose.
    Say, speaking of weight, have you ever looked into how black and latino neighborhoods are saturated with fast food joints?

    • lol! nothing like mom’s cooking is there?! and yes, I have… hey that might actually be an interesting piece to write about…. hmmmm

    • let me guess… you liked Serena’s dress? 🙂 But yeah… this is a smart move. They have managed to become partners with your team too.

  3. oh, my bad…did i bring that up? lol…yes, the investment side of the story was important (too)…especially being that it includes one of the perennial (sp) teams in the league. My Team! ok, enough, it’s just a game and just a beautiful, Black…piece of


    • good come back and good save! LOL! hey– i’m glad it’s YOUR team that they chose to do the venture with! i’m currently saving my pennies to do the same damn thing! talk about residual income!!!

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