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Mid-Week Jam (MWJ): Eric Sermon + a bonus

I remember a long while back that Chaka Khan (yes, Chaka Khan) told a story when her daughter was a teenager.  As the story goes, Chaka’s teenage daughter said to her while they were driving and listening to the radio; “turn it up… that’s my song”.  Chaka’s response was simply: “baby– you know mama sang this first?”  (They were listening to a re-make of  “Sweet Thing”).  Keep that in mind because this weeks “MWJ” comes from that inspiration…

The green-eyed Eric Sermon was played on the radio today… so when I heard this, it brought me back to not only one, but two songs we’re posting today…  “Bomdigi” by Eric Sermon is the first song.  And… to prove that our music [artist] today “copies” from the cool artists of the past nowadays (in other words, the art of originality is a lost form)… we’re including this double-dose.  It is totally the beat and hook [rhythm] that inspired his song.  Nothing against that as a whole, but please don’t touch the classics, i.e.; Earth, Wind and Fire, Chaka Khan, Stevie Wonder, Jackie Wilson, Etta James, The Beatles, ELO, 10CC, etc, etc…

Enjoy this cool jam (the music actually starts at the :28 mark in this video) and the group that inspired him.  Rock your Wednesday folks, because we sure will on this end!!  Peace.

Now… here’s the Mary Jane Girls’ “All Night Long”, doing those same original beats and hooks.  Let’s get original you guys– the next generation needs it.  Music truly is one of our connecting forces (and it’s a global thing too)!

2 thoughts on “Mid-Week Jam (MWJ): Eric Sermon + a bonus

    • It was a cool song, wasn’t it! Risque’ but not over the top like what’s played today. Here’s to more originality in the “music” that’s being played today. *toasting with a glass of water* LOL!

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