What Kids Can Do

Children Are Great!!!


This is dedicated to that little girl (I’ll call her “Sunshine”) who’s hair was being torn from her scalp (you can see the conclusion of our story about her here: Karma is always at work– Part 3: “The Rescue” (update)!!, if you’re visiting us for the first time).  Hopefully she will not be scarred by what was happening to her and will grow up to do great things.  There are so many people praying for you, “Sunshine”!  🙂 

We’ve been scouring the internet over the past several days trying to pay tribute to the good things that some kids are not only doing within their community, but around the world.  Sometime ago, I remember reading this really cool story of a young boy who created a foundation that sends solar ovens to refugees in Darfur.  If some of you are unware, the same things that are happening in The Congo (vicious and brutal rapes due to civil unrest), is also happening in Darfur.  With these solar ovens, this young man is saving so many women and children from being brutely raped as they make their way to gather wood in order to cook what little food they have to simply feed themselves.  By having these ovens… some of the women and children there are being spared the tragic experience of rape because they are not forced to leave the safety of the refugee camps.  It’s a real shame that I can’t locate that story now because the impact this young boy has made in that region, was simply amazing to me.  Well… it was from that inspirational story and the wherewithal of one young boy, that we wanted to highlight in this piece, by sharing what some younger people are doing to change things in our world.   Through the search to find similar stories of our young population doing great things as well, we found Ryan Hreljac… here is what he’s done…

“Ryan (pictured above)  is a compelling and passionate voice for those impacted by the water crisis in the developing world.  He continues to be a role model with a clear message – that every person on the planet deserves clean water, and one voice (the power of one) can make a huge difference.”

“In 1998, when Ryan was in grade one he learned from his teacher, Mrs. Prest, that people were dying because they didn’t have clean water to drink.  He decided that raising money for people who didn’t have clean water would be a good thing.  He worked for four months in order to earn his first $70.  Ryan’s first well was built in 1999 at a school in a Ugandan village when Ryan was seven years-old.  The well continues to serve thousands of people.  Ryan’s determination grew from the $70 collected by doing simple household chores, to a Foundation that today has contributed a total of 461  WELLS IN 16 COUNTRIES BRINGING CLEAN WATER AND SANITATION SERVICES TO OVER 599,081 people.  (WOW!)  The Foundation has raised millions of dollars.  “KUDOS Ryan and “way-to-go”!!! 

And here’s the extra bonus… by finding Ryan’s story, we found this cool website that show’s what other kids are doing to make a difference.  There are so many children who ARE doing great things, we just thought that it shouldn’t go unnoticed.  So, click here: http://www.kidsareheroes.com/index.html, to read other inspiring stories of what our little ones are doing!   Once you get to the site, click on the tab that says “Lily’s Heroes”– you’ll be amazed at how innovative our “kids, children and some teens”, really are!  The “Why O’ Why” Family really does have a “soft spot” for children because we know that “all” are NOT a “lost cause”.  Hey, if anyone has their own stories to share about some “LITTLE CHAMPIONS” they know, share it with us!  We may even start our own monthly “KUDOS to the Kids” highlight right here!  We hope you will enjoy these documented achievements and be inspired as well.  Children are like gold– a precious resource in our minds!  Again, this piece is dedicated to “Sunshine”.  She is special to us, like so many other children!  Peace and a special thanks to SunnyC for helping to find this site and Ryan’s story!!

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