No Recent Posts… (here’s why)


Hello All!  I just wanted to jot a quick note to let you know we’ve been a little busy lately.  More stories and postings are coming.  What I’d really like to do is post something uniquely positive, especially after the last story that was posted (i.e.; “The Rescue”).  It was a draining process, and I feel something great needs to be posted now, before we continue with our theme of things.  So we are still here, still searching for the things that catches our eye, but we really wanted to post a “feel-good” type of posting next.  So if you’ve been checking us out, we are still here– we only want to put our best foot forward is all.  As always, thank you SO much for stopping by too– we really appreciate it!   Oh yes, the music postings will continue, so be sure to check us out for your MWJ’s (on Weds.) and FGF’s (on Fri.) fixes– it makes us happy to post those “sometimes” forgetten gems!  Peace to you all!

The Why O’ Why Family

4 thoughts on “No Recent Posts… (here’s why)

  1. I’ll be looking forward to your comeback. I will just sit here in this little box waiting for your return *JaneDon! twiddles thumbs and whistles a tune* lol. 🙂

  2. You are too funny!!! LOL! Yeah, we took a vote and decided we really wanted to find a story that was very positive. Hopefully we will find a youngster out there who’s doing some incredible things with their time and energy so that people can be inspired. We won’t pause too long that’s for sure!

    • Hi Janedoh! Thanks for the lead! I also ran across some information as well, but I’ll be sure to pop over and take a look here as well. I think we are nearing a little hero down for posting. We have been reviewing and trying to select at least one story. Kids are great and should be encouraged and celebrated– not abused like the poor little girl we recently spent so much effort on. As always, you’ve come shining through! We love ya’ lady!!! 🙂

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