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Karma is always at work– Part 3: “The Rescue” (update)!!

******UPDATED NOTE 9/5/09:  There is some additional information contained within this post: Seems quite a buzz is going around….  It seems that the many cut/pasted post on my last update is on several blogs out there.  Unfortunately, it is not directing readers to the aforementioned, which does include more information that you all may need to know.  I understand the many concerns that people have, but there was certainly more layers to this situation.  So please read the upper link as well.  Thanks.*******

I did not expect the results that I’m so happy to share with you all, but since I did get an update on this issue, I’m posting this lastest news!

I wrote about a little girl who I felt strongly was being abused!  Her hair was being torn from her scalp by her “mother”—(I really have been very consumed by this incident too).  Although I AM NOT happy about how long it took for the state of Michigan to respond to my concerns, at least they finally did.  I will give them credit for that.  But in the state of NY (for example)—after what happened with Hedda Nussbaum back in the mid-80’s (please look her up if you are unfamiliar), I guess I assumed that EVERY state would take a complaint of the abuse of a child, more seriously.  But I digress… so here’s the latest…

What has been updated to me by the local officials… the “mother” WAS recognized and identified based on the video that she and her eldest daughter posted on the internet.  The children (the little girl and her brother—I actually thought the second child in the video, was a little girl at first) have been taken into custody by CPS in the Detroit area.  Thank goodness! 

Now… I realize that those little children may not know what is happening to them and are probably very confused, but I certainly hope people who read this will pray for their safe mental and physical health.  This “mother” really was doing a bad thing to them—I absolutely have no doubts about that.  I mentioned in one of the posts I made on this subject that I am prepared to take as much time as needed to see this through to the end—that has not changed.  I truly hope people will pray for these children… they will need all the prayers people can manage.  I am very sure in my heart, that an intervention was necessary.  Now… for the “blasting”! 

I contacted the local police department in St. Claire Shores, Michigan directly, as well as in the Detroit area.  All gave me the “quiet shove”.  I took it a step further and contacted the local news stations there additionally.  While they (TV stations) took my information, went online to view the blog and review the footage of this abuse, I actually never got the complete follow up necessary.  There was one station that did call back, but they were only trying to identify or confirm the blog—I’ve never heard from them again either.  My assumption after that; this story was not “ratings grabbing or newsworthy enough”!  The stations were, WXYZ, WDIZ and WJBK.  All of them get a complete FAIL for their lack of  “journalism and reporting” on this subject!  I have my personal phone records that show exactly how many times I actually contacted each of them before any source returned my calls.  Now here’s the real kicker in the pants…

I’d contacted Child Protective Services (CPS) in the Detroit area from the start and I actually never got a response at that time.  With my follow up the other day, I was finally advised to contact the local FBI, yes… the FBI!  Well… I thought that was a sort of strange route to take, but unsurprisingly, I got what I’d expected from their office too—yet another number to contact!  Hey—I followed thru anyway because the only thought on my mind was this poor little girl in the video!  And if this is what it takes to rescue her somehow—I will go through their motions/processes.  Unsurprisingly, the local FBI routed me to yet another office– the Sheriff’s Department.  Strangely, that did yield results in rescuing these two little kids!  So here’s the twisted “upside” to that outcome…

About 30 minutes after that call, another call arrived, and it was from a Sgt. Hannon (like cannon is what she said to me).  She was actually rude, abrasive and hung up on me in our less than 20 second conversation, but I did note her name.  Finally, another Sergeant (I believe his name was Sgt. Harvey) at the Macomb County Sherriff’s Department called to say the following: “We’ve reviewed the video and your complaint, and someone here has recognized this person—the children are now in the care of CPS”!!!   He followed that statement by saying this: ” here is the number for you to contact their office for further information”.  A BIG SIGH OF RELIEF is all that came to my mind!!!  I was actually no longer mad or upset in that moment! 

Now… I don’t know if this is the process with every state, but I do think that it is tragic for it to have taken over 3 weeks to have some intervention for the safety of a child!  I refuse to focus too much on the negative of this outcome, because this little girl and her brother were (and still are) my only concern in this effort and they were eventually rescued.  But why can’t each state have a response system that is in a more expeditious manner?  Really—more than 3 weeks to be able to get some assistance for a child?  Is any state for real with this type of process?!!!  Is that what our government and local/state officials have determined for children who need their help?  I am especially disappointed with the local television stations there because all THEY needed to do is research the information I provided and air the video the very first time I contact them.  (I know about media… it’s not that this process is painstaking!)

So… in my effort to lift the conclusion of this journey back up to a more positive ending… the children finally did get the help they needed.  But (oddly) something tells me that is has not fully concluded, therefore, I will be updating this information when it is necessary.  I am simply so very happy to know and be able to report, that these 2 children have been rescued for the time being.  Who knows… I may actually being talking about two kids that I will adopt one day very soon. 

So a special note to that little girl and her little brother: there are people who care.  Love is NOT pain and your thick curly hair is beautiful!!! God did not make a mistake on either of you!  I personally will do everything I can to continue to make sure you both get the care that you need and DESERVE.

The captain of THIS ship and the “Why O’ Why” Family!!!

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  1. *YoY*, this is definitely some good news! kudos to you’all for being persistent…hell, for exposing this foolishness for what it was/is and opening me up to a woman’s perspective. as guys, although it looked to be painful – and i’m taking the liberty to speak on behalf of men as a whole, that was just something that we can’t easily relate to because we didn’t have to go thru that shit as kids…for us, it was just “cut it low”, ya know? but yo, i’ll keep her in my prayers along with the thousands, presumably, of others that we don’t even know. ez…

    • I am sooooo glad a man has chimmed in on this subject (although it was NEVER expected)! Young Black little boys do not have this experience in the Black community, but… this is a real issue for lots of lil’ black/bi-racial girls (as I have recently discovered). I love your statement: just “cut it low”… that is what happens with most young black boys and their hair. Unfortunately with lil’ Black/bi-racial girls– it’s just the opposite. Long hair IS an issue for Black girls/women and natural hair is a still a “taboo” thing of acceptance. Thank you again for commenting on this one though. Really– it does help to have a man speak some words.

      As far as that little girl and her brother in the video that started this whole thing… while I do appreciate the thanks, no need to thank me– for real. I was only doing what I was lead to do. At first I really did think it was only me feeling that way once I’d seen the video, but after reading so many forums on this video, I couldn’t ignore that someone needed to do SOMETHING… you dig? I hoped that if it wasn’t Why O’ Why, someone would have intervened. I have said for a very long time… “if you are innately moved or encouraged or pushed to ACT, don’t hesitate” those urges are happening for a reason. I only listened to my gut– that is all I did! This final updated post (on this subject) was for the women on the many hair care forums I read. Some of the dialogue was really based on “what could they do to help” as well. Even though I really had no clue on WHAT to do, somehow– the answer revealed itself. Be glad that you’re a guy is all I can say Stonez! “Beauty is pain” is what most women have been bred to believe… and what ashame THAT is. Again… thanks for chimming in for the men out there because when they have daughters– they WILL understand how very wrong this was. So I celebrate with you, that a child WAS RESCUED!!! (BIG smile on that!!) Thanks again for your comment, Stonez– we may have to “break bread” one of these days!

      • YoY I would LOVE very much to share this TERRIFIC update on the little girl who was being abused and how you stepped in and DID SOMETHING ABOUT IT on my Black Hair Care Youtube channel “Shimahair21.” I will read your MOST important points to my thousands of listeners so that they can know that thelittlegirl and her brother are FINALLY FREE from that Monster of a “Mother” and also what REALLY goes down regarding getting help for abused children. Also, THANK YOU for saving the children!!! God Bless you!

      • Hello! Thank you for reading the follow up to the “Rescue”!!! I viewed your youtube and heard your heart felt emotions that you posted on this subject. Believe me when I say—- I feel your comment (both on youtube and why o’ why) so deeply. I’d like to clarify just a few things, namely exactly where they are and how to pronounce them as well. It’s real important (to me) that people know that location so that other areas are not accused of letting these children fall through any “breaks” in the system. Your accent is so very lovely Shima!!! But I really want to point the location in the right direction. So yes—- I’d love to chat with you. I do feel that little girl and her brother are in “good hands” now. Still following up with issue for sure. I truly wished that one of your listeners would have felt comfortable enough as well to write/send a comment too. We are very friendly here and welcome everyone with open arms. I think it would be a fanstastic idea for you to post our conversation and an update of these two little ones. Thank you so much for writing— I look forward to your follow up. Peace my friend.

  2. Who needs the police when you have whyowhy; good job Ms.Captain. Its sad that it took as long as it did but at the same time it great that something was finally done.

    • Hi Janedoh! Thanks for chimming in as well. Not that I was looking for any KUDOS, but it is good to know that people care about what happened with this litttle girl and her brother. And agreed, it’s ashame that it took as long as it did, i’m just glad that someone stepped into to help them. I do have to give another ‘shout out’ to Det. (i believe i mentioned he was a Sgt.) Harvey– he really did come through and he followed up with me. I guess there are Angels out there! (smile)

  3. I bet it was her cousin who ID’d her! He’s Detroit Police Officer and training for the FBI. I was nervous that he wouldn’t step up and do the right thing. I see the daughter Temperence(the one who recorded the tape) has her new myspace page under an Alias of Jasmine W has her mood set as “angry” and “mad as fuck” which she mis-spelled. Her page is

    • oooohhhh! that’s explains alot! So Jasmine W was actually Temperence who wrote to our blog here! Good to know! also explains why the person at the police department said someone recognized her on the video! Good for him for doing the right thing! Well… thank you for letting us know. you might be surprised to find that the internet is all abuzz about this. I know one site that has over 6,000 women ready to beat these two down big time for what they did to that little girl. it’s crazy to me for them to think they are right in any way about their behavior. that’s the kinda shit that takes black folks back a thousand steps instead of us progressing at all! Good looking out Anon– we appreciate you! Peace

  4. Well I’m gonna play Devil’s Advocate on this subject. I understand that your concern was for the children’s safety, but did you ever consider their psychological health after they were taken from their mother? You know as well as anyone else that those children did not know their mother was doing anything wrong, so taking them away from their mother will be very traumatic for them. Taking them away from their mother will only punish them, not the mother. The mother needs discipline and rehabilitation, parenting classes, and classes on how to comb/brush her children’s hair. What will taking her children away teach her? What will it prove? She won’t learn anything that way, and her children will be scarred for life.

    When children are abused, they don’t want to be taken away from their abuser, they just want the abuse to stop. I know this first-hand because I was verbally abused by my grandfather, so were my sister and mother, but we still love him. He physically abused my grandmother, but she still loved him. We never wanted to be taken away from him, we just wanted him to stop abusing us. You should look up “The Stockholm Syndrome.” Abused people do want their abuser to get help, but they still care for their abuser. I am also a psychology major, so I understand your point, but I also understand the children.

    Taking those away won’t do anything but make the children’s life worse, because they don’t even know why they’re being taken away, and furthermore, the mother won’t learn anything. It’s not the children’s fault their mother doesn’t know how to comb their hair, but they don’t know any better, so they shouldn’t be punished for it. You should have done some more research on the psychological part of this matter before having those kids taken away.

    • Hello Merry! As I mentioned to Gee– you might want to take a look a the story “Seems quite a buzz is going around”. I think you’ll find it to answer your concerns as well. I’m very familiar with The Stockholm Syndrome— my sister and several girlfriends I’ve known suffer from that. We asked people to pray so that does not happen to this little girl. I appreciated your comments too. We welcome all opinions here. Welcome to our little family as well. Peace.

  5. Words can never express the gratitude I have for you. You did an awesome job as an advocate for abused children. Far too many times these stories fall through the cracks. The “law enforcement” would ignore the obvious to lessen their job or paperwork while the media chooses to show certain faces -those faces are not brown or beige-. These are children! They were being abused! It doesn’t take much to look pass things to just investigate.

    I’m sorry that you had to go through what you had to go through but I’m proud you did. It takes a special person to take the bull by the horns as oppose to just looking in disgust. It’s very possible you saved two lives and made an example of the “mother” who had the audacity to use bad parenting.

    Thanks again.

  6. I know I’m going to get attacked, but I honestly think that it may have been a little too extreme to call the CPS.

    Yes, the video was very disturbing and I consider it a form of abuse, but it was not in the sense that the little girl’s life was in danger. She talked back to her mother and said that she hated her and the mother didn’t even spank her. I have never seen a child, who has been abused the the extreme, talking back to their mother like that. I have also never heard of an extremely abusive parent letting their child slide without getting whipped after their child says that. Many black mothers would have put a hand or belt to her backside for saying that; bruises, welts and all. That’s a lot worse, but I don’t see anyone calling the CPS on that.

    Her mother said and did some mean, horrible things. However, I had many friends growing up who had their hair being combed like that, who were talked to like that, but aside from that, everything else was ok. Looking back at their lives, it would have not have been worth going from an every-now-and-then bad situation that lasts for only a few minutes, into a situation that could have been far worse in a way that would affect them for a lifetime. All the mother needed was for someone to properly teach her how to comb her child’s head, and learn how to not talk to her child like that. That’s all from what we can tell.

    Now if she were both combing her hair improperly and beating her like crazy, I could understand why you would call the CPS. But this is not enough. Getting children, and not only one child, but TWO children, taken away from their mother is serious business. It’s not a game.

    Sometimes, children who have been taken by the CPS are put in situations that are far worse that went on at the home. There are tons of instances where children who have been put in foster homes who end up being badly raped, beaten, and plagued with psychological problems that lead on into adulthood. Now imagine what it would be like for a child to be put through the horrible unknown after being taken away from their mother. Not too long ago, here in Louisville, a girl put in foster care almost got murdered by her foster mother who tried to lock her in a room and set the house on fire with her in it.

    I really hope you keep a close eye on them. And I mean by stepping in and REALLY and TRULY making sure that they’re being taken care of, as in making sure that the people who are keeping them aren’t mistreating them because this is going to change their lives possibly forever. And it might not be a good change either.

    Sometimes CPS takes a child away from hell, other times they put them in it.

    • Hello… for some reason, I’m unable to respond in the area where this is normally done, but I did want to acknowledge your comment. And no, you will not be attacked— we welcome any and all comments on this blog. I need to send an email to tech support so that I can fully respond to your thoughtful comment. You and I are certainly more in agreement vs. not. Peace and thank you for stopping by! Welcome to our little family. Peace.

    • Hello Gee– I just saw the notice that tech support is out until the 7th. But please take a look at the story posted today “Seems quite a buzz is going around”. ” Now if she were both combing her hair improperly and beating her like crazy”… I think you’ll find that very interesting when you take a look. I appreciate your thoughts too. Genuinely.

      • Hi Gee! Thanks for taking the time to read this. And yes, this poor little munchkin had a black eye! And honestly, I do feel that they will both be just fine. Again, I continue to monitor the situation closely, plus there are literally thousands of people praying for them. Take care and have a great day!

  7. after coming back to this story just to see what has happened since i was on last, and after reading a couple of comments – specifically Gee and Merry A. Williams, my whole perspective has been broadened. i mean, i’m not pointing a finger of blame at anyone…it’s obvious that we all “care” and everyone has some valid points…but it reminded me that all of the progams that used to actually help communities back in the day, i.e., social services, has fallen in the gutter along with many of the other services in this country. point blank, this country is fuct up in a million ways where respect has left and ‘doing the right thing’ has devolved to simply “doin’ what’s right for ‘me’, ‘f’ everybody else”…so keeping that in mind, CPS just might be an even bigger mess. BUT it might be their saving grace. it did seem like the abuse ran deeper than what we saw after watching it a few times – hell, i don’t know…i don’t think any of us actually “know”…at the same time, imo, what ever happens with CPS is/was supposed to happen just like the exposure that it got was supposed to happen, so let’s hope that for the children’s sake it’s going to be for the better. peace, *YoY*…

    • Hi Stonez— thanks for checking back on this. I wanted to personally address everyone who views this differently than I do, so I think you too may find the story that was posted today on this (“Seems quite a buzz is going around”). It should shed some light. The outcome is better than most expected. I committed to seeing this through— believe me, that has not changed. Peace, man!

  8. I’m curious as to what happens to these kids now. At least place them amoung family if any. I hate to think they are with strangers. Please continue to inquire about their whearabouts of these children because the police do lie. If the mother and family could get counselling then I don’t see any reasons to keep the family seperated. My other concern is the fact that they are with CPS because children go missing and abused within CPS more often than you know. Keep pressure on CPS to make sure the children are not seperated from each other and end up in a worst situation.

    • Hello Nita! You might want to take a look at this one too: “Seems quite a buzz is going around…” … there are a few more details. At this point I can only say that these children are in the proper care. I stay in close contact with the case worker too. They really are okay now. And it’s sad that so many people are telling me that Foster Care is worse– I plan to do a piece on that because if that process is as broken as so many comments seem to indicate, I will be all over that subject as well and hopefully begin to penetrate and fix this system too. Why O’ Why is all about bringing light to corrupt systems. Foster Care will not be overlooked by us either. I have actually known a few Foster parents and they have been self-less in helping children who were placed in their care. But these children are where they are getting the best care right now and the mother has to undergo the processes and will hopefully become a better parent when this is all said and done. I really do appreciate your geniune concern– I too am very concerned as well. Thanks for stopping and welcome to our little family. Peace.

  9. Sadly now the poor childs real abuse will begin, once in this system of the CPS juat like all other Child Wealfare Systems are abusive to Children and Families.

    They do not help people they did not help me, they are not all good many times they are further abused by the foster parents and many homes they go into.

    • Hello Racheal! I’m so sorry to hear that you were not cared for properly when something like this happened to you. As I replied to someone else who read this story, you might want to read this one too: “Seems Quite A Buzz is going around…” There are a few more details involved. It really was the best thing for someone (anyone) to intervene. But you have my word– these children are in good hands now. I have been a thorn in the side of CPS too. Thanks for stopping by and welcome to our little family. Have a great day.

  10. Hello YOY! I wanted you to know that I thought you did an amazing thing. There are more people who appreciate what you did than you think. I found it is sort of frustating to see the many negative comments that are floating around in different places instead of coming directly to your blog to state their claims. I read Gee’s on Nappurality’s and here was my reply:

    “I went to the blog and read her response to your messasge here. I think she was pretty nice in her reply too. I also think that you’re not doing this justice if you don’t mention that she did another part to what everyone has taken the liberty to cut and paste to other forums and blogs. People really don’t know the full story. Seems to me her bravery is being overlooked. Someone wrote; “Michael Vick abuses a few dogs and the country is outraged, one person single-handedy takes on CPS for the rescue of a child and everyone gets mad?” I also don’t think that we should overlook another that relative was involved. A relative who is working for the FBI. I understand your concerns, but you have to remove yourself from this for a moment. Something was happening to that child. The world saw it too and the world spoke out, but only one person did something about it. Thanks.”

    So don’t let those negative comments get you down– there are thousands and I do mean thousands of people out there who think what you did was really amazing. I’m going to post this same message under the original story that everyone took it upon themselves to paste to the blogs and forums. YOU ARE AN ANGEL!!!

    • Wow cdobson!!! Thank you! I had a feeling that this was starting to spread like wild fire but there’s really no way for me to address it with every blog or forum. And it really is okay that people have a different opinion– it does not bother or offend me. It’s just unfortunate that I’ve been asked not disclose any further details for the sake of these children. But I do know that they are fine now and they have been every since this matter was brought to the authorities involved. Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by and share this with me. Have a great day and welcome to our little family! Peace.

  11. Congratulations to you for your willingness to see this through to the end. It seems quite clear that if you hadn’t, no one else would have. I’m sure you’ve heard this quote:

    ‘All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing’

    Well, you are proof that all it takes to stop evil in its tracks is one good person who insists on doing something.

    As a white man, and a father of a beautiful biracial daughter, I was absolutely dumbstruck by this mother’s behavior. I knew nothing about caring for my daughter’s hair and my wife educated me, but even before that I sure knew that if my child is screaming in pain from something I’m doing then MAYBE there’s a problem here and I should stop.

    Thanks you for being the good person that you are.

    • Hello Mason! Thank you sooo very much for your kind words! I absolutely appreciate it too. 🙂 I simply couldn’t rest unless someone did something to help. KUDOS to your wife for enlightening you (her wonderful husband) and for you having the capacity to understand just how wrong this was (on that “mother’s” part). Thank you for stopping by and welcome to our little family here! Peace. Oh yes, I am familiar with the quote of ‘stopping evil’… but I do not think that actually applies to my efforts on this (although— I am honored by the reference). Thanks again for the KUDOS—- it was simply the right thing to try to do. I guess I got lucky, is all. If I had to thank another person too, it would be the first reader who read the post and, gave our blog any information. Had it not been for that reader, I’m sure I’d be like anyone else who saw this video— heartbroken and sad. Again— thank you soooooo very much for the kind words and taking the time to share your appreciation. I’m very humbled by the reference. Again, peace to you and your family! Hope you’ll stop by one day again, soon.

  12. I’m a bit cynical when it comes to taking children away from their home over the issue of hair. Yes the mother was being verbally abusive as well as physically but unless she was BEATING the child with a paddle brush, I don’t think they should’ve been taken away. Unless CPS has found solid evidence of abuse and/or neglect and I mean more then a video on youtube.

    I say it because is taking children away from a stable home and placing them into foster services really better? In the system, there’s no guarantee things are better at all. At best (and rarest) they’ll go to a loving home (are you prepared to adopt?), and at worst, they’ll go some where worse and be nothing but statistics. I know you wanted to “save” them but the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

    • Hello Anji— before anything else, I’d suggest you read this one as well: “Seems quite a buzz is going around…”

      While everyone is entitled to their opinion, I must say that the small percentage of people who do think this was “no big deal” is surprising to me. And I failed to see anything “stable” about what was happening– to the contrary, I found it to be extremely dysfunctional. The mere fact that this would be posted to the internet speaks volumes. I also think that the view of how black hair gets treated, should be shattered or broken. This belief is mis-informed, at best. If you read the aforementioned as well, I think it will shed light to matter for you. I do appreciate you stopping by, feel free to stop by anytime too. We do welcome all forms of opinions, even when they differ from what we discuss here. Have a great day and again— thank you for your opinion. Peace.

  13. Hey. Saw they video and yeah the girl seemed pretty upset about getting her hair combed but so was I when I was at that age. I’ve seen alot of young girls act out like that too. What if she was being difficult in the first place? The mother probably should have chosen better words to use but she probably was just aggressive with the child because she wasn’t co-operating. There are some households where being beat with a comb/brush is just how it is and this video didn’t even show that. I wish you would have found other evidence rather than just this video before making your decision to remove them from their mother and put them in CPS. Just because the video was posted on the internet, does not “make it speak volumes”. It could have just been posted originally because the author felt like it. There doesn’t have to be a reason for the video being uploaded in the first place. I really hope you continue to keep tabbs on those kids… not just for a year but for a number of years since you put them in that situation. Things may seem fine for them now but when in CPS, livelihoods are able to change quickly, and will change.

    • I don’t want to be rude, but if you think by any stretch of the imagination that this behavior was okay, I feel like you are just as bad as that mother. People are still discovering that post, without reading this:

      Obviously there was much more to this, but even if it were not, it is not okay to beat a child or even comb their hair like that. If that happened to you, Im sorry for you, but, that is not normal behavior at all. For God’s sake, she wasn’t even combing the childs hair properly instead, she was creating more tangles. What is wrong with people to think that this shit was okay? And for the record, there was evidence that this was happening to her since JUNE 2008! The ghetto mother and her daughter were posting videos that long ago!

      Do people really think I got some pleasure out of this? I apologize for being direct, but quite frankly, I’m tired of people coming here to critize without looking at the last post associated with this. What I’d like to know, is how is everyone missing that final post on this subject?

      “The mother probably should have chosen better words to use but she probably was just aggressive with the child because she wasn’t co-operating” ARE YOU SERIOUS? That’s insane statement to me. That is the exact behavior that gives little girls low self-esteem. She’ll be looking for love in all the wrong places when she gets a little older and end up being pregnant like one of those 115 girls in Chicago. DYSFUNCTION IS NOT OKAY and I will not apologize for stepping in when it was neccessary.

  14. As soon as I saw that video a few minutes ago I started wanting to research and report this to the authorities right away! Thank you for doing all this. Count on my support. You can reach me at my YouTube user name: HiddenNewsMedia
    thank you.

  15. Could you at least tell us if the mother was arrested or will face charges? Another site suggested that she was going to court Dec.11. But no one seems to know what for because prior to the video being released it was rumored that she faced other legal issues that envolved theft or allowing underaged drinking. This story has made national headlines and everyone just wants to know how it ended.

    • Hi John! So very glad to see another man weigh in on this unusually stressful and painful subject. Never knew in my lifetime that this sort of thing COULD EVER BE a subject, but I am glad (for the sake of that little girl and many like her) it has risen to the surface. What I’ve committed to say (via the local authorities) is that I won’t disclose anything else related about that beautiful little girl. Now… what I will hint to is that there were other things that DID come to light, but my commitment is to that little girl only. I trust that the local authorities have not given me “simple” words of comfort either, but they too are looking out for this child (I strongly believe that too because a relative was actually the one to identify them). I cannot speak to any other charges, but I will commit to this… that little girl has remained in very good care since the time this matter was brought to light.

      Now… what I cannot honestly figure out is how you (along with many others) came to “the next to last” post on this matter, when there was this one for a FINAL update which you can find here: . This was well after the fact too. I’m so glad that so many are becoming aware that pulling a young child’s hair out is indeed abuse, but I’m somewhat puzzled that this final update is not surfacing in the blogesphere at the same rate as the one you (and many, many others) seem to see. A minuscule of comments here, but literally over a thousand have seen “Karma” update.

      Please, how can I get the “final” update out there for all to see? Not concerned about commenting on this subject (all are welcomed to leave their points of view of course), but I do want people who read this final update to know that there was; a) more to it than we all saw initally, and b) the matter is now in good hands. Any suggestions?

      Hey… I do appreciate everyone one who stops by on this subject, but I’ve relied on the fact that the authorities are watching over her and she is now moving forward (thankfully). I do “spot check” often BTW and have been reassured that this little girl now has a much brighter future. I don’t want to challenge what you say, but I search for national updates often, and I haven’t seen one tidbit about this subject. Every Mainstream Media source, well… has FAILED miserably. Can you send me more info? I actually think this deserves national attention for young black little girls because it is truly abuse. HANDS DOWN, THIS IS ABUSE and I’m sure she’s not the only one to suffer.

      My continuous hope… she’ll will not hate her beautiful natural hair and never confuse abuse with self-love. I sure hope this long reply answers some of your concerns. I genuinely do. That little girl (and I do remember her name) is my adopted child in her soul and spirit! I pray for her every day too.

      I hope you’ll check out other subjects here too cuz this blog does not “play around”. Peace, man!!!

  16. Thank you for being dedicated to these children. Pleas keep us updated on this case..I really hope these children have an happy ending.

    • Hi Shay. Sorry for the delay, I was on vacation.

      They are both doing fine. My last update was late February and things are so much better for them. I would only ask people to continue to pray for them because prayer can make a good thing, better. Thank you for caring and stopping by too. It truly makes it worth it to discover so many woman who care about that little girl and who were wise enough to recognize her abuse.


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