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Karma is always at work– Part 2: The rescue of a child!

I’m sitting here finding myself still feeling some deep emotions about the video I posted back on July 16th (This is child abuse!). It’s truly perplexing to know that as much effort as I am attempting to make with some sort of impact for the poor child that is in this video, the slower the wheels of justice seem to be churning.   

Two readers wrote-in to share some pretty specific information that might lead to this “mother” being tracked down and dealt with– they wrote-in one short week later, too (KUDOS FOR THAT).  I reported the information immediately (as posted under this link: Karma is always at work! An Update…  Well, “Silly rabbit, tricks are for kids”!  I’m utterly enraged to find that I still have one of the remaining videos that will show evidence of the abuse I clearly saw (two others have since been removed), and every agency I have contacted is being slow to take my concerns seriously or even investigate the information that I do have.  Please make no mistake, this is in no way, shape or form about me.  I really cannot seem to get this poor childs’ images and her shreaking screams out of my mind and heart, at this point! I would be lying if I said I’m not near tears because I can’t seem to get her the help she needs!  She looks to me to be about 4-to-6 years-old– tiny in stature and defenseless to what was happening to her, but her voice-tears-running, protecting the thing that is hurting her the most, comes through loud and clear.  Frankly, I cannot believe that I am the only one to make this effort. I mean, I simply refuse to do that, but even if this is the case, I still say each source/agency I spoke to about the matter is simply unaffected by what I’m trying to convey.  Again, this is only about the child.  But could I really be experiencing, for the first time in my short life, a time and space where the ones who are appointed to “protect”  have become so numb to the children’s needs?  I ask the question only because of the “quiet storm” that is brewing in ‘Black Cyber World’ about this video.  Not only are other women genuinely heart-broken and certain that this is child abuse, but a quiet phenomenon is taking place at the same time.  I’m sure some of you should have somewhat of a feel of our lil’ blog here, but we have been and will always be pretty outspoken (mostly politics) so this next statement should come as no surprise.   This is the first time in a very long time that I’ve seen several different women come together for one cause.  It’s as if all of the “kinky-haired women” (all races) are clearly defining this as a different form of child abuse!  I will be the first to admit, I had a shitty-azz mother, but even she did not do this sort of thing to me.

 The images on this video are apparrantly regergitating childhood memories for some, because more often than not, I’m reading what people have to say about their similiar childhood memories.  It’s no wonder that so many black women hate their natural hair too.  And here’s the killing part… most all feel that this is child abuse!   But in the meantime, I’m running-up the long distance making the calls (I’m not in in the Detroit area which is where this is reportedly taking place), trying to convince the local authorities and other sources as well, to simply help this child– look into this matter at the very least!   And honestly, at this point, I really don’t care how much time or money it takes– I am fully prepared to help this child if the very people who are paid through OUR tax dollars to do this very thing, cannot or worse… won’t. 

*Exhales loudly and long* I suppose there really is no need for this post to some, but it truly was necessary for me.  This child needs to be rescued immediately.  I can only assume that this topic is another unfolding of the deep racial and social differences between each person.  I suppose again, that tearing some childs’ hair out is no big deal, because after all… black/bi-racial children do have ‘kinky hair’.  But the simple fact is… this childs’ hair is being visibly torn from her scalp!   I’d like to think that there would be at least one person of authority to recognize that one common denominator.  Again– this is about that child!  This is not over.  I will update and put on blast anyone that has not done their job to protect this helpless child.

2 thoughts on “Karma is always at work– Part 2: The rescue of a child!

    • Thank you sooooo very much for your reply. I do not consider myself an angel at all, but thank you. There were only angels looking out for this child. I will update upon the follow up I hope to receive. Thank you Gabby, for chimming in on this post! Welcome to our family here as well! Peace.

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