Hope this is not true… but…

I got a call shortly after hanging up with a very cool person that I know.  I honestly wasn’t that familiar with the artist that has [supposedly] died at the young age of 35… but just in case this IS true… I wanted to post this song in his memory— I was surely grooving to it when I first heard it.

The group is “Slum Village” and he is the slim dude in the video.  He’s wearing a turban [he appears at the 1:23 mark in this video] if I’m not mistaken.  He’s slim and looks healthy to me,  but maybe that’s a sign for slim men who need to go to the doctor more often and get checked on their health.  I don’t know… I just want to send a cool “shout out” for his efforts in music (again, if this is true) because I really like the grooves this group created.   Hey… life really is too short to not say how you feel, what you mean or what you meant!

So… to the young men out there… please keep your health in check!  35 years old is too young to die!  I hope you will all heed the warning and visit your doctor (a dr. you trust) regularly to keep your health monitored.  Now the sort of cool side of this posting is… continue to “groove” to his legacy!  That is all I will say for now until I can futher confirm this.  Once you get past 25 years old– everything really does start to change and time moves swiftly!  It really is crazy how that actually begins to work too!  You will all come to know, that time is very precious.   So, just groove to the legacy that was left behind by this young man (again 35 is too young to die).   Don’t be a fool– eat better, exercise, get healthy and stay out of freakin’ trouble!!  Society needs you whether you know that or not!!!

P.S.  I do NOT like the “n-word” at all… this song has only been played in the privacy of my home.  No “n-word” comments will be allowed/posted.

3 thoughts on “Hope this is not true… but…

  1. Definitely true but the medical examiner has not ruled on cause of death. We do know that he interviewed admitting his bouts with schizophrenia, which was why he left the group. First J Dilla and now Baaitan 😦 Hopefully some light will be shed on Baaitan’s death to give his mother a little peace.

    • Great point Janedoh! Well recieved too! I guess I just had a flash back to Eddie Griffin (the young slim comedian that had a heart attack in his 30’s– he did not die, but he had to change his diet). I am assuming it’s a health related issue because I know that sooo many young Black men do not take care of themselves as they should. I probably did jump the gun on this one. I can certainly admit that I might be wrong in assuming that this is a health issue. It could have very well been something else entirely that’s for sure. Thanks for the challenge in thought– we will never shy away from that here! (smile). (Update: the friend that told me about his death just called as I was typing this– he’s “heard” that his death might be related to drugs.) What a shame for both senarios if either are the case. I will be praying that is mother gets answers very soon.

  2. JaneDoh said it all for me…damn! Baatin and Jay Dee. this must be ‘the dying season’, so much great talent is being removed from the world before our eyes…hey, keep yours open – i’ll make sure i keep mine…open. peace

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