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Feel Good Fridays (FGF): Vesta

I will never deny that I totally dug this song!  I wonder what ever happened to her because she really could sing?!  Oh well… enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Feel Good Fridays (FGF): Vesta

  1. what up, YOY?! i haven’t been on in a while – life shit, ya know? but you took me back with this artist/song…gotdamm Vesta Williams…lol! i’m laughin’ because if you think back to this era – i’m thinking it’s mid-late 80s maybe – people who got the opportunity to make music “for the public” (on a large scale) could muthafuckin’ sing (or do whatever else they were claiming to be able to do) – hear me?! only bringing this up because i find myself wondering about all of these folk who put out ‘real’ music back in the day and if they’re still making it these daze. anyway, ‘preciate ya’ll keepin’ it fresh in here (positive pun intended – if you dig it)…injoy the weekend!

    • it really is a toss up between you and janedoh for real! the comments you guys leave, are always right on time! makes me feel i’m not the only person on that wave length and that is sooo cool to know. (smile)

      yes, it was the 80’s (’86 if i’m not mistaken). i truly miss that there are artists out there who actually have something to say (lyrically) but not getting the proper exposure. what a shame for the music biz is all i will say for now. but yeah… i’ve often wondered too, what ever happened to putting out songs that meant something instead of envoking some bull?! good to know that i’m not the only one out there stuck in the era of good music that has a solid message. We will always do our very best to remind the youngsters of what they have truly missed out on. so glad you liked our (FGF) choice this week. it’s that kind of feedback that lets us know we are on the right track with our music selections! We appreciate that so very much too! So jam on, jam on– that’s what we want everyone to do. And DO enjoy your weekend and be safe! Peace

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