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Finally… something fun!!!

I forgot to turn the ringer off last night and got a phone call in the middle of the night.  Of course, I couldn’t go right back to sleep and so I was surfing the web until the sleep hit me again.  I shot over to’s site and saw the cutest wedding entrance!  Thanks Necole for posting this!  What a cute way to celebrate love!  (I think you guys will really enjoy this.)

2 thoughts on “Finally… something fun!!!

  1. yeah, that was cool! and they did it THEIR way. i see rhythm seepin’ in , slowly but surely…lol. no offense to the white readers at all, it’s a compliment!

    • Glad somebody dug this besides me! It was just the cutest thing, wasn’t it? (smile). And I was checking that out too; “i see rhythm seepin’ in , slowly but surely”! I also loved the gray-haired lady in the front to the right (towards the end of the video). She was actually into it as well! Music is sooo unifying! I say, if you’re going to spend a butt-load of money to get married, “do it your way” and have fun!!! No stress allowed on that day because it’s a celebration, not an event for review!

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