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Karma is always at work! An Update…

I posted this story: This is child abuse! on July 16th… one short week later someone has recognized her and gave me the information I need to report her to the proper authorities.  I’ve done just that too!  So I am officially putting this “mother” on blast!  Her name is Tiffany and she works at Costco in the Finance Department in the Detroit area.  The person recording the video is her oldest daughter, Temperance.  I hope they enjoy their last few remaining days of freedom.  I did another internet search and it seems I wasn’t the only one affected by the images on this video.  There was apparently two other videos placed on the web and people were beginning to talk about this.  I’d take those two little girls in a heartbeat– they certainly deserve much better.  To the two little girls; help is on the way! 

Karma is always at work.

4 thoughts on “Karma is always at work! An Update…

  1. Who needs Superman, when you have Why o Why. Good job 🙂 Hopefully there will be a good out come at the end of this.

    • I wish I could take credit… all I did was post the story, you know (smile) I’m just glad someone stepped forward. I’ve since seen the other 2 videos and they are much worse than the one I posted.

    • Hey… thanks for chiming in on this. Sadly though, this issue is not a done deal. A light bulb finally went off in me and I realized the most effective way to rescue these kids might be the airing the video on the local news. I’ve contacted 3 of the major ones there– finally got a call back from one. Cross a finger (and a toe) that this will be aired tonight in Michigan! I will certainly post an update when I know more. BTW… I saw the other 2 videos that were posted on the web– this is alot worse than we all thought. In one of the videos, the little girl has a black eye and is being hit in the head with a brush! Let’s keep some prayers going up for these kids!

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